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Trump-Backed Tim Michels Wins Wisconsin GOP Primary for Governor

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In Wisconsin on Tuesday, Republican voters picked Trump-endorsed candidate Tim Michels to represent their party in November’s challenge to incumbent Democrat Governor Tony Evers.

At his primary night party, Michels claimed victory and said “I’d like to thank President Trump for his support and his endorsement,” adding “he knows that we need new leadership in Madison and he sees a lot of similarities in me.”

Michels beat out Pence-endorsed candidate Rebecca Kleefisch, the former Wisconsin Lt. Governor who served with Scott Walker and survived Democrats’ 2012 recall attempt. In addition to Walker’s endorsement, she had the backing of former Trump administration U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).  more here

3 Comments on Trump-Backed Tim Michels Wins Wisconsin GOP Primary for Governor

  1. Interesting race to me for a couple reasons:
    Tim Michels had balanced volume of votes in all counties, but Rebecca Kleefisch had significant leads in metro Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee and Wausau.

    I suspect that the FBI raid on Mara Logo may have flipped some votes for Michels in late day voting.
    I do believe that Michels could defeat Tony Evers. State Republicans are united against Evers regardless of this primary.

    Ron Johnson will get pressure from Mandela Barnes in the Madison and Milwaukee district. Barnes will attempt to paint Republicans as racist along with all the tired old Democrat bromides. When Barnes gets on his soapbox, he has all the empty prose equal to Kamala Harris. In other words, he is a typical empty headed liberal full of slander innuendo. I expect him to play the race card.

    Ron Johnson is an honest, “say it like it is” politician with integrity. If this were 1939, he would be cast as the lead in Director Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

  2. Endorsements by Pence, Haley, and Cruz exposed the other candidate for what it was: a swamp thing.

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