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Trump baits Democrats into defending arsonists and looters

It was a perfect tactical move by the president.

Like the guaranteed ritual of swallows returning to Capistrano, you can always count on certain Democrats to defend thugs, arsonists, and criminals even when those scum are burning down the cities those Democrats operate. You see, some Democrats hate this nation so much that any wanton violence against person or property is fine with them as long as it damages the country in any way.

What they don’t get, but President Trump does understand, is that a vast majority of the American people, regardless of color, are decent individuals who are disgusted by the antics of the thieves and looters afoot in many major cities in the U.S. President Trump, by calling these animals “thugs,” put himself on the side of that American majority (much like Richard Nixon did in 1968 in regards to violent New Left and hippie protests against American troops fighting in Vietnam) who recoil from rioting and looting no matter the supposed reason. By his accurate use of “thugs” Trump brilliantly baited the Democrats into coming to the visceral defense of said thugs. Well played, sir.

The president said this in a tweet on Friday, “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!” A just and proper comment on the situation. more here

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  1. Political and social manipulation is reaching new heights in our country, actually in the entire world, and very few people are aware of who is doing it and how.

    Be very wary of anything you are told, remember Matthew 24:4.
    Realize we are in the age of deceit and doubt everything you are told to see and hear, things are not always as they seem.

  2. i have been having thoughts that the whole floyd killing and resulting violence is planned and the results are what the planners intended.

    all too neat and results to co-incidental.

    why is soros still living at this point?

  3. Am i supposed to be sad that my enemies are burning down my enemies?
    Black lives matters burning down cities that are the pox and ruination of this country.

    I feel about it just like i feel about World War 2. We should let black lives matter and liberal cities fight it out until they are both anhilated. Just like we should have stayed out of WW 2 and just let the nazis and the commies anhilate each other.

    We saved the commies in WW 2, who then went on to murder 10 times more people than the nazis did.
    And if we save the liberal cities from black lives matter, the liberal cities will do the same as the commies did.

  4. The writer of the article is ascribing political calculus to POTUS Trump’s tweet, but finally gets it right when he states (mid article), “A just and proper response to the situation.”

    The idea that the tweet was politically motivated, “Well played, sir” is absurd, and — to my mind, at least — trivializes the profound losses to those who are grievously injured or whose livelihoods have been destroyed by these Leftist thugs.

    Trump’s tweet may have the consequence of baiting Democrats to defend the rioters, but the primary reason for the tweet was to convey his attitude toward the criminal violence; not, I think, to merely call out Democrats. It was simply a matter of the president saying what should be said under the circumstances.

  5. Soros is only one player This is a well organized, well funded, coordinated attack on the United States by the radical Left, enabled by the the democRATs, financed by Soros and Uncle Xi.

  6. The people who are defending these actions clearly have not lost anything in this war. I feel great sorrow for all of the innocents who have been injured.

  7. Patriots around the country are protesting peacefully to bring back our rights.
    These thugs are just using one situation to be thugs.
    I have a feeling they’re paid to be there.

  8. @Gonad — Your proposal seems logical and sound, unfortunately the Nazi’s and the Commie’s goal (the Nazis, then; the Commies, still) is one world government. They were never content to restrict their aggression to defeating each other. The goal (especially) includes their most reviled enemies, ideological conservatives. Stalin didn’t stop in the cities, just talk to the country folk in Ukraine, circa 1928.

  9. The tweets he sends are his most powerful weapon, a connection direct to the people, incapable of being spun by the media. That’s why the media is so determined to shut that avenue down.

  10. This nation should be unified in busting heads right now. Now that arson and looting has become nation wide this “protest” is no longer peaceful. Set the rules right now and enforce them. We can’t disallow citizens of assembly under Covid rules and not stop others from violently disrupting daily life while they assemble.

    If there has to be Marshal law in select cities then do it. Start convicting rioters with felonies.

  11. Enjoy your “fine people” moment, Dems.

    And can you stop pretending the priotests were all gospel choirs and candles before antifa got off the buses?

  12. That tweet from President Trump was honest, heartfelt and brilliant with it’s ambiguity.
    He forced twitter to censor and then apologize the day after he baited them into doing it and he forced democrats to defend looting and vandalism. They got blindsided again and they never learn.

  13. I’m reposting my comment from last night’s “AG Bill Barr” thread — because it was late in the thread and I think this is important to note. Call the AG and ask him why Wray is still dithering on antifa. (includes email and telephone numbers)

    In November of 2017, Christopher Wray (FBI) testified before House Homeland Security that he was “actively investigating” groups that were engaged in and funding domestic terrorism that were loosely identified as having “an antifa ideology”. He refused to actually call antifa, “antifa.”

    In January 2019 Wray said again that the FBI was investigating “home grown” terrorism, but instead of naming antifa, he went after “white supremacists”.

    Wray seems to go out of his way to avoid recognizing the very organized group “antifa”, despite the fact that they have a well-known group battle flag, a regular roster of activists, Craigslist ads, and a well-known affiliation with BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), which is funded by openly-communist organizations, and which is, itself, an openly-communist organization.

    But even Wray is not entirely to blame. Our Congress also seems incapable of asking the right questions and are content to let the whole embarrassing thing (communism) just slide off their plates.

    This is not a problem that has been ignored by AG Barr; it has been flubbed (again) by an incompetent and/or corrupt FBI.

  14. The people who are rioting and looting are third generation rioters and looters. They didn’t need outside agitators to coach them how to destroy their own neighborhoods or burn police cars. Antifa wasn’t in the cities burned to the ground in 1965 (Watts), 1966 (Detroit), 1968 (120 cities following MLK’s assassination), and 1992 (Los Angeles) among many others. This is what these slum dwellers do when they are given an excuse to pretend that they are victims of systemic white racism despite more than $22 TRILLION having been thrown away trying to solve the problems that still exist in all these cities.

  15. Trump is a Jedi troller, he knows the Jug Eared Jesus used exactly the same words to describe rioters and is just waiting for the Trump War Room to post the Oreo Kenyans comments.

    The Demonrats folded this incident into their plan to create race riots across the nation, knowing sooner or later a LEO was going to step over the line.

    Now that blacks are murdering (raped and murdered white female in Minneapolis) or attempting murder whites in Salt Lake, Portland and Dallas or attempting to murder cops in Chicago I wonder if all the naysayers are having second thoughts.

    Racial hatred comes from both sides and should never come from Law Enforcement but martial law is coming if these pussy ass Demonrat mayors and governors don’t gain control

  16. @Anonymous May 31, 2020 at 9:07 am

    > Be very wary of anything you are told, remember Matthew 24:4.

    Thany you, Anonymous! I read that on The Internet. So it MUST be true!

  17. These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen.

    Yay! Ivanka’s coming out with an authorized line of red, prole, kneepads!

    Now stop burning down the Targets! The Party Prince, Premminent Among Equals, don’t wanna have to use Amazon.

  18. @mickey moussaoui May 31, 2020 at 9:36 am

    > If there has to be Marshal law in select cities then do it. Start convicting rioters with felonies.

    Oooh! Yes please!

    (No. No <sarc>.)

  19. Bill Cosby needs to “date” this fleshbag of bones. Looks like something trying to kill Sigourney Weaver.

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