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  1. Am I the only one seriously annoyed by the absence of the “objectionable” logo in both this iOTWR item and the linked news article? I’d sort of like to see what the commotion is/was about, but not enough to go out and search for it.

    Any news item that says A was replace by B because of problems with A seems significantly incomplete without showing A.

  2. The animated gif was hysterical but I didn’t really see the sexy bits in the original logo. Then, it was like, well maybe, but isn’t it basically a bad design and an ugly font choice? It was clunky and not beautiful like Ivanka.

  3. Just think of all the free publicity Trump/Pence got from that first logo.

    BTW, the demo gif of the logo is extremely funny.

  4. The people that see sex, race, inequality, and hate in everything need to get out of mom’s basement more. Please for your own sake go get doughnuts or something once and a while, sheesh …

  5. Typical, political, neutral.
    Good that the slogan was added.
    At least THIS one doesn’t look like it was made by an 8th grader.
    Still looks like a vision testing eye chart, though.

    I imagined something more like a larger *golden* silhouette of Trump’s face in front of a smaller *silver* silhouette of Pence’s.

  6. The first logo was just clunky. It sort of reminded me of Killery’s “H” logo. And I just had to go look again to remind myself “Why ‘H'”? Oh yea, her name isn’t ‘Hospital.”

    Anyway, it was over-engineered and too clever.

    I still like Fur’s first bumper sticker style. Classy. A little glam.

  7. Fur — send your first one to the Trump Campaign. Protect it with a watermark (or however you do those things). It’s so much nicer than the eye chart (lol!) they came up with.

    (Jeeze Louise! You’d think someone would have figured this all out before his veep announcement. It’s not like they don’t have the connections and $ for a good designer.)

  8. So what reaction did Twitter have to Kankles logo?!
    I like it simple but really, where do democrats that accuse conservatives of being the bigoted perverts live to see that in the first place. Issues!

  9. What passes for graphic design these days is very inferior work. Both Trump logos are poor design.
    I blame Millennials – they can barely spell or count. They don’t study classic design.

  10. Sundance occasionally had a picture of a golden male lion leaving flaming golden footprints. It was so cool I wanted it to just hang up on my fridge right next to my photo of Trunk Bay…(to keep my spirits up.

    BFH, I missed the Trump bumper sticker of which AA speaks. How about posting it again.

  11. My daughter just started a career in graphic design (pray for her). She’s not very experienced, but I’m pretty sure she could do better than that original “TrumphumpPence” logo.

    What were they thinking?


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