Trump campaign counter-attacks Biden on coronavirus by citing Obama administration record

Wa Ex: Although Joe Biden’s campaign and its allies are launching ads attacking the White House over its response to the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump’s reelection committee is turning the tables on the presumptive Democratic nominee by tying him to the Obama administration’s anti-virus record.

A Thursday Trump campaign news release placed blame on the nationwide shortage of N95 protective masks on the Obama administration, singling out the two-term vice president. Citing reports from two news outlets, the Trump campaign pointed to decisions by the Obama administration that “significantly depleted” the nation’s mask supply.

“The Obama-Biden Administration would have also been aware of warnings regarding the lack of ventilators,” the campaign said. “Joe Biden could have heeded these longstanding warnings when he was in office. He failed to.”

The coronavirus crisis quickly became part of the presidential campaign as the virus spread globally and in the United States, forcing millions into stay-at-home conditions.

On Wednesday, the Trump campaign sent cease-and-desist letters to television stations airing a campaign ad featuring clips of the president remarking on the coronavirus. The ad, launched by the anti-Trump independent group Priorities Action Fund, is in violation of Federal Communications Commission regulations, the Trump campaign said. read more

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  1. Also, after 9/11, there’s no excuse for every major big city hospital not to have had a major overstock of basic medical supplies. Anybody counting on big government doesn’t deserve to be in a position of leadership.

  2. Every state should have a stockpile of emergency supplies for outbreaks, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, floods, and whatever else hits them.

    They are always caught short, then demand centralized government run around to 50 states and make it all better. Shirking responsibilities.

  3. That’s racist!

    Is there anything you want to add?


    Anything else?


    Anything else?

    Basket of deplorables!

    Anything else?

    You are supposed to be cowering and apologizing. What happened?

    Not what, who. Donald Trump

    Now go find yourself a Romney/Ryan Republican, they love that game.

  4. Thank goodness for President Trump.
    It’s only March of an election year and he’s already taken his gloves off and beginning to pummel his latest opponent. Every possible front-runner has been easily crushed by him. I bet Biden drops out by summer for “health” reasons. The DNC “commiecrat party” will be in complete disarray by their convention. President Trump should easily coast to re-election.
    P.S. – I LOVE typing “President Trump”.


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