Trump Campaign Has Signed Up Thousands More New Voters Than Democrats In Key States

Daily Wire:

The Trump campaign and Republican Party’s drive to register new voters is chipping away at a voter deficit to Democrats in key swing states.

The Trump campaign has registered 100,000 new voters ahead of the 2020 election, more than doubling its 2016 number, according to campaign data first reported by Axios. The effort has helped Republicans cut voter deficits in states such as Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida by tens of thousands of voters, though Democrats still have the edge in those states overall.

“As enthusiasm for President Trump continues to grow, so does the Republican Party. Over 100,000 new voters are ready to cast their ballot for four more years of President Trump’s ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ agenda, and elect Republicans up and down the ballot on November 3rd,” Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Axios in a statement. more

6 Comments on Trump Campaign Has Signed Up Thousands More New Voters Than Democrats In Key States

  1. I am thrilled to see this. I now have a little more faith in people. The BLM / antifa / wackjob media is pushing people towards rationality.

  2. The dems have all their hopes on getting mail in ballots in as many states as possible. No need for voter registration. If you ever visited the state a ballot will be issued and some nice democrat will make sure to fill it out for you.

  3. Trumpdy Dumpty sat on his wall,
    Trumpdy Dumpty had so much gall,
    All the deep staters and swamp creatures too,
    Could not make him let Hilldawg rule you.

  4. I don’t think the Democrats realize that everyone doesn’t feel the same way about Trump that they do.

    The same as with Hillary, they just don’t understand how people can vote for him, and like with Hillary they won’t accept it as a valid election if he wins because of it.

  5. So?

    The Demonrats will have hundreds of thousands of completely fictitious voters!

    “What matters is WHO counts the votes.”
    We are about to witness such a massive electoral fraud that even Stalin would be ashamed at the heavy-handedness.

    izlamo delenda est …

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