Trump campaign office burglarized in San Antonio, suspect arrested

AmericanMirror: Police arrested a suspect for a break-in at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s San Antonio campaign offices early Wednesday morning.

Just over a week after Trump stopped in to his campaign office and national call center in downtown San Antonio, the building was targeted by a burglar who was later nabbed by San Antonio Police, Fox San Antonio reports.

“At approximately 5:30 this morning one of our off duty officers was out here working security for one of the offices here. He heard someone attempting to break into one of the suites there,” a San Antonio Police spokesman told the news site.  MORE

6 Comments on Trump campaign office burglarized in San Antonio, suspect arrested

  1. well of course the democrats are busting in, what did you expect them to do, wikileaks didn’t publish the hacked documents of the republicans.

    after all their trying the democrats and the msm just cannot come up with anything damning about trump which will put him away and boy have they ever tried. they cannot even come up with credible lies about him.

    just wait until the real desperation sets in, the msm lies will be even more ridiculous if possible.

  2. “The police officers’ appreciation for Trump did not sit well with San Antonio Police Chief Williams McManus or May Ivy Taylor, both of whom were quick to promise swift action against the officers from breaking policies against political activity.”

    The AG, DOJ and the FBI have already started their investigations.

  3. “The investigation is still underway right now,” the spokesman said.

    Officers do not believe the break-in was politically motivated, and there’s no evidence to suggest the suspect specifically targeted Trump.”

    This sounds familiar; make the conclusion, THEN do the investigation! What “evidence” would they need, a written order signed by Hillary? Of course the officers believe it wasn’t political; they want to keep their jobs.


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