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Trump can eviscerate Obama’s policies by dropping lawsuits, revoking memos

WashingtonTimes: Forget about waiting for Congress — Donald Trump can eviscerate Obamacare and cripple President Obama’s global warming framework all on his first few days in office by directing policy from the White House and ordering his Justice Department to drop lawsuits that the current administration is pursuing.

Lawyers said getting rid of the government’s mandate that schools allow transgender students to choose their bathrooms could be as simple as retracting an Education Department letter, then letting judges know that is no longer the administration’s position.

Mr. Obama’s 2014 deportation amnesty, which is also the subject of court challenges, could be nixed by revoking the Homeland Security memo that laid out the policy, then telling judges it’s gone. No memo, no case.  MORE

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  1. That’s what you get when you cram your bullshit onto us bypassing Congress-not that they put up any kind of fight anyway.

    “The Latino Victory Fund” are upset. Too motherfucking bad. Choke on it assholes.

  2. Forget eviscerating policy. How about eviscerating BHO ? Proving he is Indonesian citizen Barry Sottero. Three new Supreme Court Justices. Everything he’s done null and void. A man can dream,right?

  3. I don’t remember which candidate of the 16 during the primary said this:

    On the first day I will reverse all of Obama’s Executive Actions. Then I will write one myself – to make any further Executive Actions illegal.

    Trump should do this.

    Executive Actions were needed back when congress had to travel days to get to DC and something needed to be done immediately. Not necessary now.

  4. I will enjoy the garden being undone too.

    Just because it’ll get their panties in a bunch.

    Wonder if and when that will happen.

  5. @Claudia

    But, wouldn’t that executive action immediately burst into flames the moment it’s signed and goes into action? Self-nullifying? Lol

  6. Worried that Beyotch McConnell is already trying to concede their position of strength by trying to pander to the enemy. Also heard yesterday on one of the talk shows that McConnell supposedly said that Trump’s plan for congressional term limits is DOA. Knowing him, its probably true.

    I would have bet my last dollar before the election that if Trump won, these slimes would come out of the woodwork looking to take part in the train ride they were busy flipping birds at pre-election results. Now they act like they have some major say in policy. I know Trump has to work with them, but I hope he lays some wood down like he’s been doing and remind them how they shit on him. I’d also keep as many GOPe out of his cabinet as possible to prevent the backstabbing that is sure to come down the road.

  7. America has been saved from complete communist ruin.

    Thank the Lord each and every day! And pray for guidance and protection for our new Leader.

  8. what’s that we smell in the air?

    the breath of freedom?

    ahhh, such sweet relief after 8 years of communist tyranny we have just suffered.

    yes, yes, rescind as many orders and laws you can and let freedom ring!!!!!

  9. Of all the proposals in the article, the single most important is true the vote. We must reverse the progressive agenda to pump-up the dem registrations with illegals, felons, dead people and multi-state voters. He has 2 years to make it happen.

  10. In my lifetime, I have never had this much fear for the life of our president (elect). The crazies are openly talking assassination. Not far-fetched considering the Clintons and Obamas.

  11. @Dadof4 – I hope Melania told Michelle of her plans for replacing that damn garden while they were walking the lawn! I’d love to hear the media moan about it if those bulldozers started in before the end of January.

  12. @RightWinger

    Term Limits may be dead on arrival, but let’s see who on the committee stops it, or if it makes it to the floor, who votes against it. It is time to start taking names on who to primary in 2018 & 2020!

  13. The real question is this: Does Obama want to try to salvage some sort of “legacy” or does he want, say $50-$60M from the Clinton foundation for three preemptive pardons?

  14. @dadof4: “I will enjoy the garden being undone too.”

    Yeah, I mean how many watermelons can the Trumps eat?

    If you consider that statement racist it is, simply because I’m white and therefor I am.

  15. Remember all those “Czars” that Bush and Obama had? What happened to them? Are we done with that shit now? Or do they call them something else now that Russia is evil again? Please don’t play the Czar game, President Trump.

  16. Brilliant new idea….mandatory attendance in shackles for Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor at a nice little known but well used camp in the heart of West Texas mountain range. separate cabins, extra pillows, no phones or communications, even have the new US SURGEON GENERAL to validate results in the Scalia manner. Free after care, including use of the newly relocated Oven of Eternal Dreams from “the Loved One” set in Cali. Ahh the fun that will be! We can also arrange for their pleasure a circle of witches to dance about the campfire afterwards as a token memorial service. SNARK/

  17. Moving ahead with proving out Obama’s non-vetting by forcing the truth be revealed to the world would be warranted should the “pretender” pardon the Clintons ahead of any charges. Hence, when shown to be a fake, a homo married to a tranny, thus negating the pardons and all other actions taken as illegally done under lies and deceit, the man Barry Soetoro would be charged and found guilty of multiple counts of high Treason and executed. Is that something Soetoro really wants to have let loose on his ass? Bet not.

  18. Yeah Trump, rescind all that snotty little fagots doings. Serve him up some of the same shit he’s been force feeding us for eight years.

  19. Oh what a glorious day it will be when the people in the EPA who let loose the hazardous material into the Colorado river are fired and imprisoned. And let’s take a moment to petition the Trump administration to pardon the Bundy and Hammond heroes.

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