Trump Celebrates Black History Month by Recognizing Soldier Who Saved American Flag

Breitbart: President Donald Trump recognized African American History Month on Tuesday, celebrating the story of an American soldier who sacrificed to preserve the American flag.

The president told the story of Sgt. William Carney, the first African-American Medal of Honor recipient. Carney, a former slave, was recognized for rushing to save the American flag from touching the ground, despite taking multiple gunshot wounds.

“He later remarked to his comrades that the old flag never touched the ground,” Trump said, referring to Carney’s story. “That’s a big deal.”

Trump made his remarks at a reception at the White House for African American history month. The evening had a special theme, honoring African American soldiers in the military. He also singled out Charles Nesby Jr., an African-American Top Gun pilot and instructor, for recognition.  read more

18 Comments on Trump Celebrates Black History Month by Recognizing Soldier Who Saved American Flag

  1. Yet, the liberals are going nuts over a fictitious African prince, “The Black Panther”, instead of celebrating actual
    American patriotic heroes of
    African decent. Being a perpetual victim doesn’t allow taking responsibility for knowing the truth. The majority of American black people should be ashamed of their lack of interest in American history, because they are fromt and center in building this great nation.

  2. The term Hero is bandied around to the point it has lost its truest meaning.

    Sgt. Carney is a Hero when our flag was revered, the only time he took a knee was to have his wounds bound to carry on with the fight.

  3. @99th Squad Leader

    That African Prince is REAL!!! He just sent me an e-mail, promising to wire me his heir-less fortune, for a small and nominal fee! 😛

  4. 99th Squad Leader, I hear that the big-thinkers at the NYT are stroking their chins today, as they contemplate the dubious acceptability of white kids wearing Black Panther masks.

  5. Exactly,Thirdtwin. If white Americans are sooo racist, how is it that, “The Black Panther” movie is a blockbuster. Hollyweird has hyped this movie more than any other action movie this year.

  6. In the Sunday papers this past week end “Black Panther” was praised to the sky, in fact they predicted it should exceed Star Wars. That’s a lot of hype.

  7. The movie is being hudely hyped because the studio execs know it could fail horribly. Last year the SuperHero movie genre began to finally fizzle out after having years at the top. A lot of bucks went into this Black Panther movie not including the advertising which may total into the hundreds of millions and if the usual movie goers decide to stay home because their balls dropped and they’ve discovered girls the screams of “RACISM” will be heard throughout the land. I hope it does just ok at the box office and signals the clear end of this claptrap.

  8. If I went to movies, this would be one I would attend, yell at the actors on screen, text with my phone held so the person behind gets the glare and receive calls and have a conversation.

  9. Sources close to production say there is already a sequel to BP in the works, and it”s a prequel, working title is “Wakanda: Birf of a Nation”

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