Trump Compared to Nazis and Communists in High School Class

Meanwhile, a communist is leading presidential primary polls for the democrat party.

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  1. What? No brave resisters want to step forward and lay claim to creation of the slide?
    Sounds like an Antifa “educator” incapable of proving their argument, just toss a flamethrower into the crowd and run away.

  2. The Communists and other dictators need walls to keep their people in and provide no legal way for them to leave, we need one to keep illegal immigrants avoiding the legal immigration system out.

    That needs to be explained, and discussed, if associations like this are to be presented to the students.

  3. Until we take back our educational systems, we can’t complain, can we?

    After all, it was us who elected the likes of boehner to protect the integrity of these kinds of things.

    Trump warriors ONLY in the future.

  4. Likely a lack of deductive reasoning as the D club has the self proclaimed Socialist and Communist not those supporting Trump

  5. d-sucker teacher: the nazi party practiced anti-semitism & gun control, like the useless a**holes in your dhimmi-rat party do today- FU

  6. This same crap was going on in the 1960’s and 1970’s when I was in public schools. Anyone who says this is anything other than what it obviously is is full of shit.

  7. Loch Raven High is in Towson – also known as libtardville.
    A few miles away is Calvert Hall Catholic High School, an excellent private school where any concerned parent should immediately move their kid to.

  8. Communism has flourished in this country post the Wilson Era, dormant during WWII, and soon after picked up by McCarthy, turns out he was right, per the Odessa Papers (I think), and currently supported by the modern media and college elite with corporate support, so that is somewhat Fascist.

    Nazism, post the WWII Era, has NOT flourished. It’s dead as a matter of fact.

    The present day Communists, Antifa, what we are told Democrat Socialist, are looking for their scapegoat(s).

    They pretend to not know and understand modern recent past history and their own failures.

    I had to grow up with this SHIT sandwich.

  9. There is a large, wide and deep Educational Swamp that needs to be cleaned out too!
    The Left needs to be rooted out of everything it infects, particularly where it concerns our children!!

  10. I never use the Nazi word any longer. I make sure to say National SOCIALIST instead. It pisses off the Left and educates the LoFos.


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