Trump congratulates Boebert for win in Colorado primary


President Trump congratulated Lauren Boebert late Tuesday night after the pro-gun businesswoman defeated Rep. Scott Tipton, who represented his Colorado district for five terms in Congress.

“Congratulations on a really great win!” Trump tweeted. Trump’s tweet linked to a post from her Twitter account from back in May where she described herself as a tough fighter against socialism and advocate for the Second Amendment.

“I refuse to send my children into a socialist nation,” the mother of 4 said. “Their freedom IS my motivator! Threaten the liberty of Americans, and I’ll be there to hold you accountable! #USHouse #CO03 #HELLNObeto @BetoORourke.”

Boebert, the owner of Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colo., confronted Beto O’Rourke when he was a Democratic presidential candidate. He stopped in the Denver suburb of Aurora, and she questioned him on suggestions that he made regarding confiscating guns. MORE

6 Comments on Trump congratulates Boebert for win in Colorado primary

  1. Good; the ‘professionals’ need to be removed from office. I don’t know anything about the incumbent, but I don’t reckon he was up to snuff if she was able to defeat him running in favor of normalcy.

  2. You go girl! Hope she doesn’t disappoint like so many do after they are elected or nominated to fill a position….are ya listening John Roberts, you piece of crap.

  3. Congrats to Ms. Boebert!! I am not in her district, but to be honest, I will generally support anyone on the right who hasn’t been in congress for 5 terms that hasn’t done anything I have heard of, regardless of how conservative the previous person has voted.
    I take that back, I have heard of him, but had to do some research to see what he had done. He voted for a number of bills I supported, but am having a hard time finding what he started. Is he better than most RINOs? Absolutely. Is he a huge step above Democrats? Without a doubt. My biggest problem is that he appears to be a follower. I could be wrong, but with little news about him, I am willing to support the newcomer.


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