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Trump considering more restrictions against asylum seekers

DAILY CALLER: President Donald Trump is reportedly considering a rule that, if implemented, would reject thousands of migrants who request asylum in the United States.

Under the draft proposal, asylum seekers would be denied if they resided in a country other than their own before reaching the U.S. The rule, first reported by Politico and confirmed by The Daily Caller News Foundation, would directly target thousands of Central American migrants who travel through Mexico on their way to the U.S. border.

The U.S.-Mexico border has been inundated with migrants — many of them family units and unaccompanied minors from Central America — who immediately seek out Border Patrol agents and request asylum.

Over 100,000 migrant encounters were made in March and again in April, with immigration officials predicting May to witness around 120,000 encounters. Border Patrol agents nabbed a group of 1,036 illegal migrants near El Paso, Texas, early Wednesday morning, marking the largest single apprehension in history.

The Trump administration has long sought changes to U.S. asylum rules. Former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen requested Congress to allow migrants to lodge asylum requests in their home countries in March. Speaking before a congressional committee in May, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan reiterated that asylum requests made in home countries would alleviate the border crisis.  more here


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  1. No matter what might be said about it, the situation has gotten significantly worse under Trump, not better.

  2. Anonymous
    MAY 31, 2019 AT 8:04 AM
    “No matter what might be said about it, the situation has gotten significantly worse under Trump, not better.”

    …and very deliberately so, due to the machinations of the Democrats, the bankrolling of Soros, their pet NGOs spreading the word in shitholes and facilitating the movements, the lickspittle pro-Democrat press, and countries like Mexico whose leaders HATE our President…

  3. I believe what is happening at the border is exactly what I said would happen if Mexico elected AMLO. Which they did.

    Our situation does not exist in a vacuum.

    Mexican voters chose to go the Venezuelan route last year. They voted to surrender to the cartels. They voted for handouts. Hell, last month AMLO invited the Marxist economist behind Argentina’s crash under Kirchner to advise him. He backed Maduro during the Venezuelan uprising.

    Put enough smoking Mexican chimps in the room with a typewriter and they could eventually produce The Declaration of Dependence.

    They voted to blow a hole in the bottom of their ship and…surprise….the rats are jumping off of it.

  4. Although one must wonder whether a person who wants to seek asylum would even be permitted by his own government to do so in his home country. Perhaps some straw governments would be okay with their people leaving but I imagine some would not.

    Although if USA is giving money to that government (which it seems we do a lot of) we could have more of a say.

  5. I do not believe that permitting asylum requests from home countries will abate the onslaught, at all. The people moving north are being invited and given incentives to leave their countries. This is a political movement. And, just like “Socialists” (i.e., Communists) everywhere, they prey upon the poor and uneducated. Only a small fraction of those coming would have ever done so of their own volition. People stand in line, for DAYS , to get access to a US Consulate in Central America. This is a “Beans and rice,” crowd. Days spent standing in line are days their children go hungry. As noted above, AMLO ran, and won, on free access to the US border (and welfare system). He is delivering on a campaign promise. Communists, are no longer hiding their intentions. They have education, the media and tech. Game over.
    Taxing remittances is the single most effective way to stop them from coming. We have to remove the incentive to come and we have to ADVERTISE it!

  6. If someone asks for “asylum” in any other place than the United States Embassy in its own country – it should be denied.

    If someone has the wherewithal to leave its native land and begs for asylum at (or inside) our border, it doesn’t need asylum – because, by definition – it’s already out. No one needs asylum from oppression which one has already escaped.

    We’re playing silly bullshit word games with illegal-alien invaders.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Asylum means give me sanctuary from imminent peril.

    It does not mean shopping for which country has the best welfare benefits to protect you from suffering from the consequences of decades of terrible, illiterate voting habits.

    Go sell stupid some place else. We have an entire party of Democrats so we’re all stocked up.

  8. I believe that President Trump’s tariff against Mexico and this additional attempt to limit travel through other countries to invade our border is smart.

    Mexico could protect their southern border if they wanted to. Right now, they don’t want to because of the money they are receiving to let them travel to our border. So, with the tariffs, they just might have a good reason to deny the entry of aliens through their southern border.

    Requiring asylum seekers to report to our embassies in their countries will weed out the drug and human traffickers as well as people who just want the goodies. It won’t get them all, but should make a dent in the numbers.

    At least, that’s a start.

  9. If Trump has no powers in office to accomplish what needs to be done, then his talking is useless. A wimp figurehead that looks in the mirror and sees himself as a POWERFUL IDOL is a deluded fool. A mind-controlled, MK-Ultra programmed puppet that really believes himself to be what he has been programmed to see. As the thousands of aliens are allowed to flow in and are dumped en mass into the USA, it is a doomed scenario, with no end in sight.

  10. The alien invaders are swarming freely with no powers being enforced to stop them. Maybe it is time for a new declared independence from Mexico, another Alamo?

    Mexico’s President to Donald Trump: America Is for Migrants
    NEIL MUNRO31 May 2019
    Poor people have a right to migrate to the United States, and migrants should not be stopped by force, according to a letter from Mexico’s president to U.S. President Donald Trump.

    DHS Releases 5K Illegal Aliens into U.S. Over Memorial Day Weekend
    JOHN BINDER29 May 2019
    “From May 22 to May 27, DHS released 5,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities in the interior of the U.S. For the last six days, the data finds, DHS officials released almost 1,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into the country every day.”

    DHS Flying Illegal Aliens to U.S. Cities, Releasing Them into Communities
    JOHN BINDER28 May 2019
    “Today, there are anywhere between 11 and 22 million illegal aliens living across the country — the majority of which are concentrated in states like California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois.

    This past week, Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan admitted that the agency is merely acting as a checkpoint for border crossers and illegal aliens to make their way into the country. In congressional testimony, McAleenan said his agency is releasing “100 percent” of adult border crossers who arrive with children at the U.S.-Mexico border and giving them work permits shortly thereafter.

    By the end of the year, DHS will have released more than 445,000 border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities should catch and release continue — in addition to the projected half a million illegal aliens who are expected to successfully cross the U.S.-Mexico border this year, undetected by federal officials.”

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