Trump Continues to Troll Democrats by Holding Nevada Rally a Day Before Caucuses

PJM: Donald Trump has been shadowing Democrats as they begin the cross country trek of primaries and caucuses to choose his challenger. He has shown up a day or two before the Democratic nominating contests, teasing, mocking, and humiliating his potential opponents.

In both Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump’s awesome digital ground game revved up the GOP turnout machine that is now putting the fear of god — or Trump — into Democratic candidates. Trump is smashing the vote total records of both Obama and Bush, proving he is light years ahead of the Democratic Party. His campaign’s digital prowess is, to coin a phrase, “yuuuuge.”


The efforts are paying off, with Republicans turning out in historic numbers. Trump received more than 31,000 votes in the Iowa caucus, surpassing the 25,000 Democrats who turned out during Barack Obama’s successful 2012 reelection bid. Trump’s share was more than four times the number of Republicans who caucused during George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign.

The vote totals in New Hampshire were even starker. The president received 129,696 votes, more than doubling Obama and Bush’s totals.

The Trump campaign’s advantages are more than just financial and digital. They are putting constant pressure on Democrats and forcing them to draw uncomfortable conclusions about their chances in November. In New Hampshire, the day before the February 11 primary, thousands braved the frigid temps to stand in line for hours to see him. It was the same story in Iowa the week before.

And big crowds are expected next Friday when Trump rallies his supporters in Nevada. read more

19 Comments on Trump Continues to Troll Democrats by Holding Nevada Rally a Day Before Caucuses

  1. Meanwhile Bernie turns crowds with free concerts and Mimi Mike is just going to pay people to attend whatever he puts together. No one is waiting hours to see any dem candidate running today.

  2. @ Anonymous FEBRUARY 18, 2020 AT 6:42 PM

    Mini-Mike is laying out extravagant banquets at his events. That should go over about like a turd in the punch bowl with the Bernouts. When I got off the train yesterday @ 4:30, an hour and a half before his Tacoma event, they were lining up outside the Tacoma Dome. They hates them some Mini-Mike.

    They are aware that they were hosed by the Clintonistas in 2016, they are pretty touchy about Bloomturd already

  3. This is brilliant strategy by the Trump Campaign. It starkly compares Trump’s yuge voter base against the Democrats pale anemic gaggle of left-wing nutjob voters.

    It Should thoroughly demoralize the Democrat Party. Leftists are inherently LAZY. if they think their guy/gal/tranny has a snowballs chance in hell then they’ll say forget it and slither back into their mommy’s basement on voting day

  4. I heard this the other day at the grocery store:

    “I’m a die-hard Democrat.”

    Good. Die. Hard.

    Reduce your carbon footprint. Decrease the surplus population. And save the planet. Do you require assistance?

  5. Does Nevada realize everything their democrats are doing is for naught? Bloomberg is going to be the nominee for the party. And he’s not even on their ballot.


  6. Don’t forget the one huge advantage the Democrats will have in the general election – all of those illegals they’re giving driver licenses to so they can “vote” in the election (as well as all the dead who want their votes counted as well).

  7. Jethro

    Winnemucca Is a very cool place. Stopped there for dinner on a road trip sometime back. Resistols And revolvers. I believe Butch and the Kid robbed their bank back in the day.

  8. This is the kind of maneuver Bush and Rove wouldn’t even consider, because there are ‘unwritten rules’ that just cannot be broken.

  9. JDHasty
    Last I heard the Great State of Jefferson included all that real estate and a big chunk of Northern Nevada. Everyone should settle on one plan and back it.

  10. @Mr. Anth Ropy:

    This is the kind of maneuver Bush and Rove wouldn’t even consider, because there are ‘unwritten rules’ that just cannot be broken.

    Yes, and I absolutely love it that President Trump has taken that rule book and the decorum and the protocol and the gravitas and stomped them into the mud. It’s the main cultural reason I voted for him – on top of the govt and foreign relations reasons.

  11. Trump punches back and the lefties all fall like snowflakes.
    I have a new litmus test for those running as an “R”.
    Do you support Trump and are you willing to fight.

    Anything less the a “Fuck Yea” means your not ready for my vote.

  12. I’m thinking the Black Rock playa where Burning Man is held would be one hell of a place for the Trump rally.

  13. There is also “Cascade County” where the East side (across Lake Washington) hopes to extradite itself from crazy bat sh*t crazy King County (Seattle). Across the lake trends more Republican, rural and at the very least more business friendly.

    Not sure it’ll ever happen.

  14. @ Handsome Hollywood

    Couldn’t disagree more…
    Burning Man is the modern equivalent of Woodstock…lazy, stupid, unemployed drug soaked hippies and liberals who throw a big party in the desert…it needs one good air strike to blow it off the map.

    Unless Trump is planning to shower those degenerates with drugs, pot, booze, money, condoms, and bottled water…He’s better off elsewhere in the Silver State.

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