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Trump declares North Korea a State Sponsor of TERROR

Today -President Trump declared North Korea a State Sponsor of terror.

Now the Mainstream Media is portraying this as Trump picking a fight with North Korea….this couldn’t be further from the truth. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is crazzzzzy— Sick, twisted, son of Satan crazy.

I am sure that CNN will soon remove this article written in 2013, laying out the atrocities of the North Korean government, because it doesn’t fit their Trump hating narrative. North Korea, also known as “hell.” Where millions are starving to death. Where babies are thrown to dogs. Where women are widely raped and imprisoned for no crime whatsoever! Where mother’s are forced to drown their children in prison camps. North Korea, where ordinary people “endure torture and are imprisoned for doing nothing more than watching foreign soap operas or holding a religious belief.” North Korea, where Christians are murdered! North Korea where rodents, lizards and grass are eaten in order to survive……

This is North Korea. A communist hell hole that is now threatening to nuke other innocent countries because their leader is an absolute demon possessed maniac. You don’t ignore the devil. You don’t shove your head in the sand and pretend evil is not real… is. It is just as real as you or I. The number one thing you DO NOT DO is allow fear to control how you operate. We witnessed this under Obama —-appeasement. Obama appeased Iran with the Iran Deal and gave the Iranians over 33 Billion in cash which -mark my words will come back to haunt us. During the Obama Administration a few sanctions were put on North Korea and after that, little else was done. The idea was to not do anything that would upset the sleeping dragon. Here’s the deal though…..dragons don’t sleep forever. Predators eventually wake, and seek to destroy. Trump knows this.  MORE    with video.


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  1. Good start. Next: Muslim Brotherhood and all its subsidiaries, including CAIR.

    ANTIFA and RevComUSA.

    BLM and its enablers.
    Which now includes the once respectable ACLU.

    Stroke of the pen actions.

  2. Please yes next the Muslim did you guys ear what happened to the reporter in pa with the Muslim FBI and other are investigating it . I hope does sOB get deported

  3. The ACLU was never respectable. It’s founder Roger Baldwin was a communist and a fellow traveler. I have never had any respect in my adult life for the ACLU and it’s so called progressive anti Christian position on any matter. They’re always on the wrong side of freedom and against everything about America that is good.

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