Trump Derangement Spitting


Eric Trump was visiting the Windy City Tuesday night, but a stop at a local hot spot apparently proved less than pleasant for him. NBC reporter Mary Ann Ahern was the first to report on the alleged incident at the Aviary cocktail bar, where word that Trump had been spit on by an employee around 8:30pm trickled out. She added that the Secret Service had the suspect in custody, and that Trump was eventually seen exiting the bar.

Employees confirmed the incident to the Washington Post and Chicago Sun-Times, and Trump himself offered verification to the right-wing Breitbart. “It was purely a disgusting act by somebody who clearly has emotional problems,” Trump tells the site.

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  1. Have the perp checked for AIDS.
    Then throw his ass in jail, no bail. He can wait for trial.

    Chitcago is.

  2. What a sick bunch of ne’er do wells the never and not Trumpers are. Beyond human decency and respect. They should be taken to the nearest homeless area and made to clean up crap for 48 hours.

  3. Sounds like an actual hate crime in Chicago. And does this young antifa nut still have a job? I would not be interested in going to a local hot spot where an employee is known to spit.

  4. The more the unhinged Left encourages these assaults, the more “unpleasant” the blowback will be. They will have earned it, and with *zero* sympathy.

  5. @ gin blossom JUNE 26, 2019 AT 12:11 PM

    Right on, I haven’t been referred to as JDNasty in about a decade. The Tacoma City Council and Mayor used to refer to me by that. A buddy of mine had a very popular online newspaper

    I used to write “guest editorials” from time to time and instead of responding to what I was pointing out they just tried to marginalize.

  6. The acronym TOITSAS (taken out in the street and shot) comes to mind – AGAIN. I suspect that it won’t be terribly long before the acronym and the action are far better known…

  7. I broke up with a girl who thought it was funny when she “flicked” her spit at me. Some things you just never do.

  8. I understand it was a woman and that Trump declined to press charges. I am so ashamed of my city as I know she will be lauded by the rest of the lowlifes. He demonstrated real class and she demonstrated ignorance and gutter behavior.


    For all you Jarheads today is Chesty’s birthday! Gung Hoooooo!

    Chesty got his first 3 hearts, Bronz and Silver stars fighting the Sandinistas 90 years ago !

    Lead the FROZEN CHOSEN 68 yearrs ago!

    Gung Hoooooo!

  10. In a just world the disgusting Goddamned thing would receive a complementary hickory shampoo before being released from custody.

  11. Let me ask ya’ this: What kind of shithole would hire a piece of shit like that in the first place?

  12. To hire someone like that, esp. in a restaurant or bar, may be inescapable these days.
    Remember, half this country is irredeemable, at the minimum.
    (Plus, you’re talking about bottom tier jobs; so the pool of prospects is even skankier.)

    Now if this establishment doesn’t apologize in the most public and sincere way and categorically CONDEMN their immediately terminated EX-employee’s behavior,
    then burn that shit-hole to the ground and pillory anyone associated with it, esp. the management!! IOW, no quarter.

    And it should absolutely NOT require public outrage for this place to act appropriately.

  13. Two things. First, it’s almost guaranteed this guy loses his job and likely faces an assault charge. If this was a real hotspot then he was likely (even as a busboy) was making a good buck and unlikely to find that kind of money anytime soon.

    Second, why is Neweser describing Breitbart thus: “verification to the right-wing Breitbart.”? Breitbart is certainly conservative leaning (one of the very, very few out there) and using that term is perjorative and misleading. I suppose I shouldn’t single Newswer out for that as most outlets and people make the same mistake.

  14. @ Callmelennie JUNE 26, 2019 AT 2:50 PM

    Being as the british royal family is absolutely lousy with fags at some point what difference would another one make anyway?

  15. After checking Abigail A’s link and looking at the staff and their descriptions, I have to ask, WHY IN THE HELL WOULD A NORMAL PERSON EVER EVEN GO THERE???

  16. There are guys out there (like me) that just hang around waiting for some asswipe to pull a stunt like that.
    A highball glass shoved into the spitter’s mouth with great force should end this activity. Put the palm on the bottom of the glass to avoid injury
    So is it me, or is the entire generation raised by Baby boomers completely devoid of any shred of adult maturity?

  17. ‘blow my nose on the tablecloth and leave’,,
    much better than me, I’m sure I’d schedule a Rice-A-Roni thing going on,,
    leaving them a San Francisco treat,,
    in the Windy City of Barack

  18. when I came home from JFK’s war 51 years ago I flew into Riverside. Walking to the bus a Beat Nick spit on me. I kept going – but out of the corner of my eye studied him carefully. When my wife took me home from Pendelton I changed into some old, college clothes. Took all Id out of my wallet. got in my car and went back to Riverside. I walked around for over 120 min looking for the hippy. (No biggie, as a Grunt I have walked 75 miles in 3 days with 200 lbs of gear.I carried only my anger!) I found the Beat Nick. I milled around the bar like I had dropped something. Got behind him and blasted his kidneys! He moaned as he fell. I casually, fast walked out, then faster walked to my car. Got on the San BerDo and went home. I have never killed in America. He was in great pain; but alive when I left. I hope the Beat Nick pissed blood for 14 days!

    Generally I’m a nice guy. GENERALLY!


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