Trump Doesn’t Invite House Democrats to USMCA Signing Ceremony

Breitbart: President Donald Trump did not invite House Democrats to Wednesday’s signing ceremony of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) at the White House, said the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“The White House hasn’t invite House Democrats to their USMCA signing ceremony,” Pelosi spokesman Henry Connelly said in a statement Tuesday. “But we’ll be well represented in the huge changes to the original USMCA draft that Democrats wrested out of the Administration on labor, prescription drugs, environment and enforcement mechanisms.” read more

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  1. There was a distinct shortage of autographed signing pens what is the principal reason for the disinvitation. Maybe she could have gotten off her Fa-toss earlier, she could take some credit. A great big middle finger for all Jack and Jenny Asses.

  2. I hasn’t invite Them either….

    The real reason Nancy won’t show, is because one of the conditions in

    the Treaty is “Only American made Vodka will be served in the

    White House”

  3. Bobcat, there are actually some fine American Vodka’s out there. And they are fairly priced. Opulent, from Minnesota of all places, and Tito’s from Texas are two good examples. I believe they are both made from corn. I’m not a distiller so I’m not going to try and explain it, but they are fine as far as I’m concerned.

  4. The Communist Hag would be too hammered to form a coherent sentence anyway, It would be like inviting Billy Carter, or Slick Willy’s pot smoking brother.

  5. @Bobcat
    JANUARY 28, 2020 AT 6:27 PM
    “Joe…Nancy only drinks Russian Vodka..With Her Gal Pal Hilldog.“

    Doesn’t vodka dissolve Pollident? That could explain her frequent denture slippages.

  6. Seems to me — and maybe to POTUS Trump — that the Democrats throw their own signing celebrations pretty well. Besides, why let Nasty and her crew try to upstage and take all the credit for programs they had no intention of agreeing to until they started losing voters to Trump?


    Time to SECEDE.

    Shall we impeach their next president and spend 100% of the time making him (or her) miserable and just beat each other with canes on the floor of Congress?

    Just make this easy. Secede, make The Red States of America, leave the blue states with the official U.S. debt, watch them collapse, then, out of mercy, admit blue states into the new union under new laws and regulations, and the left over will flee and suffer in New York and California similar to the Gaza strip.

    A plan we can live with.

  8. They just got the prior-administration stench out of the White House after leaving the doors and windows open all this time. Why invite nutty Nancy and her entourage into the White House and have to start over? Cracks me up. Big Mike blames it on the dogs. Yeah, right Mike.


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