Trump Drives the Most Important Issues of Our Time


This entity was a runner-up for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. (Isn’t it the left that says entities are not people?)

Is this really an important issue of our time? A group of disgruntled people who are lucky enough that their ancestors weren’t left behind in Africa? To open your eyes and be alive in America, without having suffered the personal pain of being in the slave trade, is a pretty sweet deal. Some people, perpetual ingrates, don’t see it that way.

Caitlyn Jenner

This was another runner-up for Time’s Entity of the Year. Caitlyn is an entity because Caitlyn houses the carcass of Bruce Jenner, a decedent that can only be talked about in a careful and complex way that only similar freaks seem to understand. You’ll get the buzzer of intolerance for the tiniest of missteps, and we must accept the label of “worst person in the world” as a consequence.

If Time added Campus Rape, Gender Wage Gap and Climate Change as Persons of the Year they’d pretty much have Hillary’s campaign platform – a litany of superfluous issues better suited for derpy discussions on NPR, where hand-wringing over imaginary affairs are de rigueur.

Like him or hate him, Donald Trump has forced the national discussion to include the most sweeping issues of our time – safety, prosperity, the constitution and Americanism.

The issue of Islam contains all of these ingredients, making Islam the most important issue facing America today.

Can we have an adult conversation about Islam without being called, erroneously, a racist? Can the discussion take place or will it be shut down by the intellectual lazy left by simply shouting ISLAMOPHOBE and moving on to deeper discussions about pausing puberty in order to turn John into Jane?


The left must concede that, at the very least, there are millions of Muslims who wish to actively inflict harm on others in the name of Allah, or root for their Muslim brothers and sisters to inflict harm on others in the name of Allah. If this can’t be stipulated, the left shouldn’t be a part of the discussion. The right must act with impunity, and as they see fit.

If the left will concede the point it must be asked of them how many Americans they expect to be killed by Muslims as a result of the looming refugee importation.

Zero? Well that’s foolish.

420? That’s about the number of people killed in 2015 by what this site identifies as mass shootings. 420 deaths in a year has caused many on the left to call for the removal of all guns from the American citizenry. So, there is a number that will trigger a call to action.

What is the number of killings committed by imported Muslims that will trigger a left-wing call to action? We need to know this in advance of Muslim refugee resettlement in America. This is part of the adult conversation.


In a country that is running so far behind in its bills that it needs to calculate how to get out of the hole in terms of generations, the left is never at a loss of problems that can simply be solved by bilking American tax payers.

The left says that climate change is a national security issue because when people run out of food and water, and their domiciles are threatened, there will be calamity and mass shootings. But, apparently, none of this chaos and mayhem scenario will play itself out when everyone runs out of money. The water spigot will run dry, but never the money spigot.

What is the financial impact of the mass importation of Muslim refugees who have little wealth and few skills? Does this put us deeper in the hole as a nation or does it help us out of it? How does this help American prosperity?

If the prosperity Muslims would enjoy is an entitlement package, this is not what sane people, despite what leftists think, would define as American prosperity.

The Constitution:

It’s clear that the left hates the constitution, but they insist that the flawed document apply to non-citizens, often times to enemy combatants on the battlefield.

When Trump said he’d pause the Muslim refugee resettlement program the left said it was unconstitutional to block Muslims from entering the country because it was punishing people on the basis of their religion, forgetting that the U.S. is not compelled to allow anyone to immigrate here.

I’ve heard the argument that Trump’s policy is ridiculous because it would preclude a high-ranking Muslim dignitary, an ally, from entering the country.

Now we’re being silly. The inability to properly vet hundreds of thousands of arrivals is the issue, not keeping out every singular Muslim at all costs. I think even the NSA could monitor a King.

This is how the Trump arguments are distorted and perverted. These are not adult conversations.


What does it mean to be an American? What does Trump mean by “Making America Great Again”?

I’m going to leave this as an open discussion for the comments.





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  1. The left must concede that, at the very least, there are millions of Muslims who wish to actively inflict harm on others in the name of Allah

    Will never happen, instead…

    Insert fingers in ears and scream, LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA!

  2. let’s do the math and be generous

    1.6 billion muslims

    i think it’s generous to the left to assume only 5% extremists

    5% of 1.6 billion = 80 million extremists

    it only takes a few to kill thousands

    but we don’t want to draw a big circle for fear of hurting feelings

    it is dumbfounding to me that there is an argument about this, and that safety / security loses

  3. And the reason he is driving the issues at all is because he cannot be controlled, bought, intimidated, shouted-down, cut-off or ignored. He doesn’t have a political career to save and he’s invulnerable to bribes and blackmail. His family is upright, hard-working and scandal-free. He is rich enough to afford great lawyers and doesn’t mind a’tall using them. He’s used to the rough and rumble of posturing, positioning, posing and prevailing. He’s known by 99% of everyone ever polled. He’s no-nonsense, kick a$$, understand your opponents’ weaknesses, and has breathtaking confidence. And then, he just doesn’t care.

    He reminds me a lot of my undersized cat who runs when he hears dogs barking — towards the dogs. This cat lives to fight anything bigger than him. He just doesn’t care that he’s a five pound cat.

  4. comment on #blacklivesmatter for perspective

    i have my hair cut by a vietnamese woman who escaped by boat from the viet cong when 10 yrs old

    she has worked as a stylist for decades for seven days a week

    seven days a week on her feet

    she has done this to give her kids the college opportunity

    i was a navy officer, driving a destroyer thru the gulf of thailand around 0230 hrs and found 44 near-death refugees, including women and children, who had risked everything, had been robbed by thai pirates of everything

    we took them to subic bay philippines for quarantine and they eventually became us citizens

    not long ago i looked them up to see how they fared

    they are doctors, lawyers, engineers, pharmacists, etc

    america-loving flag wavers, no complaints, no whining


  5. The Good Lord will reward you and your men for that when the time comes. We are proud of men like you.

    At the same time, we possess a fury and willingness to decimate the evil dogs that belong to the cult of islime. Its appropriate. And it requires great will and strength to fight and engage these animals. Unlike the liberal scumbags that spew hate and claim our military men enjoy it. They abhor it, but do so because no other cowards will stand up to these dogs.

  6. 0bama is great at making America un-great. Right now, I would settle for just undoing everything that son of a bitch has done in his attempt to kill what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to procure for future generations.

    But, more work is needed to get us unprogged and to make us a great and powerful nation once again. And that cannot be done without the Blessings and Guidance of Almighty God.

  7. Well stated and unassailable.

    The problem is that the socialists are allergic to facts, and their ideology demands the destruction of America, the rejection of God, truth, beauty, decency, fraternity, equality, and peace.

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