Trump EPA Grants Michigan $100 Million to Fix Flint Water System


The Environmental Protection Agency awarded Michigan $100 million in grant money to replace the Flint water system’s damaged infrastructure.

The Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act of 2016 provided the funding for this grant that would help Flint replace its lead water pipes that have fallen into disrepair, the EPA said in a statement.

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22 Comments on Trump EPA Grants Michigan $100 Million to Fix Flint Water System


    The media can’t admit that the Trump Administration is actually helping Flint.

    The media can’t risk ignoring it, because it will only reinforce his claim that the media are conspiring against him.

    SOLUTION: Claim newly granted funds are significantly less than what is needed.

  2. Didn’t cost $100 Million to cause the problem.
    Sooooo … why am I paying for these maggots’ stupidity?
    Why is President Trump giving these maggots MY money to fix a problem that THEY caused with both eyes open, on PURPOSE?
    They want socialism, they elected socialists, they got EXACTLY what they asked for, and now WE have to bail them out?

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Flint has been under democrat/communist management forever, so naturally they are in the red and the place has been run into the ground.

  4. Trump’s not afraid to say he approved this decision and that decades of liberal democrat neglect coupled with misrule was the cause. He would go on to say that as the President of ALL Americans he won’t let the residents of Flynt drink dirty water. The Dems would stroke out!

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