Trump Flashback- Thwart’s Mugger


The NY DAILY NEWS- Nov 20th, 1991

Even then, events surrounding Trump has two versions.

I tend to believe the version where Trump confronts the mugger because his mother was just mugged a month earlier.


In 1991, Donald Trump’s mother was walking to a nearby bakery in Queens to pick up a crumb cake when a teenager snatched her purse and threw her to the ground.

Sixteen-year-old Paul LoCasto was later sentenced to three to nine years in prison for the crime, which left Mary Trump, then 79, with permanent damage to her sight and hearing and a brain hemorrhage.

Trump described the incident in his 2000 book, “The America We Deserve,” the only time the presumptive Republican nominee has laid out his vision for the nation’s criminal justice system in detail.

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4 Comments on Trump Flashback- Thwart’s Mugger

  1. I don’t doubt Trumps version of the event. Everything about his actions as president point to his character and sense of justice. I’d be more surprised if he took no action.

  2. You might say Trump didn’t do anything, he just told the guy to stop, nothing more. But in a city where others standby watching and/or cheering this kind of thing on…he was and is a HERO.

  3. “Trump Flashback- Thwart’s Mugger”

    Only one question: Who’s Thwart, and more importantly, who was his mugger?



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