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Trump Gets China To Back Down On Chinese Virus Blame

Political Insider:

By LifeZette

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus praised Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai on Tuesday for dismissing claims by a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman that the U.S. Army may have been responsible for the coronavirus.

“We welcome Ambassador Cui’s comments calling the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s statement a ‘crazy thing’ that blamed the U.S. Army for the #coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Saving lives is more important than saving face,” said Ortagus.

Cui responded to the Foreign Ministry claim on the CBS show “Face the Nation” on Sunday: “There are people who are saying that these viruses are coming from some military lab, not of China, maybe in the United States.” He added: “How—how can we believe all these crazy things?”

The climb-down happened after President Trump publicly, and privately with high-level Chinese leaders, chastised Chinese officials for spreading the absurd rumor in an effort to deflect attention away from the Chinese origin of the virus. more

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  1. The difference between a German Shepherd, ears up, tail up, not wagging, hair standing on end, and a black mongrel , slinking around with eyes down, and tail firmly tucked between it’s legs.

  2. Chinese ambassador recalled in 3, 2, 1. Headline from the Wuhan Wegister, Ambassador Cui Tainkai missing.

  3. China has seeded the US with more spies than we’ll ever know. From students, to scientists, university profs, federal govt agencies, and even our military.

    Anyone think it coincidental the number of Chinese “lookeyloos” caught on and around Mar-a-Lago? The most recent one, which garnered little attention, claimed she was on a “tour” throughout the US and was “interested” in Palm Beach and just “happened upon the President’s home”. Odd, she was caught down in the water, among craggy rocks, camera in hand. She was detained for a few months and during her recent hearing, a liberal Palm Beach County judge released her on the “promise she wouldn’t go near the property again”.

    Who are these people and where are they getting their money? Spies sent by China to stake out our military institutions and more.

    Yes, we need to close our southern border, but the “legal” entry we grant to Chinese citizens is the bigger threat.

  4. There is plenty of evidence that this virus was created intentionally in a covert lab linked to China’s bio-warfare program located in the WuHan province.
    The bat soup excuse is nothing more than a way to give China “plausible deniability.” 
    China has a power struggle going on inside their communist nation. The WuHan province is the area where all of the public protests are taking place. Xi Jinping is involved in this internal Chinese power struggle. He allowed the virus to “stew” in WuHan for nearly a month before taking action.
    His public dis-tractors have been taken care of. problem solved.
    Did I also mention that Joe Biden is cozy with Xi Jinping?
    He is.

  5. One even infiltrated Feinstein’s office – talk about leaks!
    High time the parasitic, greedy East that hates us so much, yet wants what we have so bad, to start paying(fairly or dearly, whatever)for the privilege of doing business with the Land of the BIG PX.

  6. The only reason that they dismissed the charges was that the fairy tale wasn’t getting any traction and was attracting ridicule. If anybody had believed the US Army set this in motion the Chinese would have happily continued on with this charade.

    I do hope Trump is working out how to punish China for this mess. A good start would be to kick out 95% of all chinese nationals in the country whether they are students, employees of American or Chinese owned companies, journalists, tourists or researchers.

  7. faster than a speeding bullet!
    more powerful than a locomotive!
    able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!
    up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane!

    It’s Donald J Trump, business man from New York City who came to political office with powers and abilities far beyond those of mere professional politicians. Donald J Trump, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands. And who, disguised as a mild mannered reality TV show host, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.
    And now another exciting episode in the adventures of Donald J Trump!

    Fighting for Americans everyday!

    “It’s not me their after.
    It’s you!
    I am just in the way”
    -Donald J Trump


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