Trump: Gillespie Didn’t ‘Embrace Me Or What I Stand For’

Daily Caller: President Donald Trump said Ed Gillespie did not “embrace” him and what he stood for after the Republican candidate’s loss Tuesday in the race for Virginia governor.

This tweet came after it became clear Democrat Ralph Northam would win the race to be Virginia’s next governor.


Donald J. Trump


Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for. Don’t forget, Republicans won 4 out of 4 House seats, and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win, even bigger than before!

Gillespie is a long time establishment Republican, but he notably embraced Trump-like rhetoric during the race for governor. He attacked MS-13 and sanctuary cities, as well as hit Northam for wanting to tear down Confederate statues.

Many Democrats and mainstream media figures accused Gillespie of racism and “white nationalism” for these ads.

However, despite moving closer to the right on some issues, Gillespie did not directly campaign with Trump, and the results of the election could reflect that.


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  1. Well, at least the elitist republican went down the crapper. More, please.
    Something tells me Northam is due for some shit from his own party. The natives are restless and he looks like a weak sister.

  2. Sadly, it looks like Dems are going to win the 45th district here and flip the WA state legislature to entirely blue-joining California and Oregon. People are waving their ‘Resistance’ scarves and signs.

    The incumbent King County Sheriff is losing too….to a woman named Mitzi.

    Will the last conservative in WA state please turn out the lights.

  3. @Illust8tr, I will pray for Washington State. In fact I had a call from one of the persons that I lead in fellowship. Her brother has brain cancer and she needs to travel half-way around the world to be with him. My prayer list is growing by the minute. And that is fine!

  4. Thanks @Meerkat 🙏
    I love the state, it’s a beautiful place to live. It’s the ugly lefties that occupy it now that I can’t stand.

  5. 1. right wing ideological “purity”
    Well, that’s just plain STUPID…of VA Republicans/right…just as dumb as their “Cuccinelli’s not conservative enough!” mentality which brought Virginians Hillary’s Terry “getting Felons to vote Democrat again” McAuliffe, now you’ve got Mister Illegals Über Alles as Governor.

    But your “principles,” including losing over and over it seems, are intact. Be proud, morons. Sure, sometimes you *should* reject RINOs; other times the alternative (there has to be a Governor) is worse.

    2. left wing voter importation
    Governor-elect Illegals Über Alles will now carry on the tradition of replacing voters to keep in power, as paying off blacks to stay on the Democrat Plantation is no longer sufficient.

    THIS IS HOW AMERICA DIES…if you don’t stand up and fight.

  6. Gillespie lost the governor’s race in the state that just elected the first transgender legislator.

    Would anyone right of center have had a chance?

  7. Conservatives simply will not cotton to a RINO squish. Trump’s election proved that.

    Run as a candidate that rejects communist idiocy in name, word and deed. Paint your opponent as a Red, you will win.

  8. 1. The VA GOP establishment is weak, poorly organized, full of status quo squishy RINOs. Leadership is fine with illegal immigration, and they’re all for demonizing the Confederacy since the other side suddenly feels so strongly about it. Grrr.
    GOP is so weak many Dem delegates run unopposed, there isn’t even an R name on the ballot.

    2.Gillespie’s a Swamp RINO/GOPe. Not my first choice. VA holds open primaries. “Independents” who will vote Dem or Lib, as well as Dems, can coordinate a drive and all vote for the furthest-Left GOP names in the primary.
    Open primaries should be ended, everywhere. They help give us Gillespies.

    2. Once nominated Gillespie ran the textbook GOPe campaign. He’s a bland, uninteresting, carefully vanilla candidate. (So is Northam).

    3. Gillespie never embraced Trump or MAGA. He remained pure GOPe. At the very end, he began talking about MS-13, a YUGE problem here now expanding throughout the state and 80% composed of illegals. MS-13 alone could have gotten Gillespie elected if he’d begun earlier. And his belated milktoast defense of Confederate monuments appeared only very late, like the final 10 days.

    VA now has Voter ID, so the big unhampered fraud opportunity is Absentee Ballots. Dem workers, Dem administration, Dem outcomes.

    VA Elections don’t publish any info on absentee ballots, military or otherwise. Very vulnerable to tampering by poll workers.

    I was optimistic yesterday that we’d win in VA based on Northam’s mistakes, midterm minority apathy, bad weather in NoVa and yes the Trump Effect. I’m much more disappointed than I’d expected to be if we lost.

    I suspect we saw massive Dem election fraud yesterday and a recount of Absentees might change the numbers dramatically. Gillespie won’t make a stink. So that’s that.

    Two national events could still save Virginia from becoming Mexifornia East:

    1. Deportation of illegals, enforcement of existing law banning welfare benefits to illegals, e-Verify.
    2. Federal agency employee reductions. What swings VA leftwards are the Federal drone workers in the endlessly sprawling ugly new townhouses a 60-75 minute commute south and west of D.C. Stop hiring, or replace them with software, and the sprawl stops.

    That’s my loooong 2 cents, the morning after.
    Yes, I’m surprised at how disappointed I am.

  9. TO Rufus

    While everything you say is correct,
    it does NOT let the IDIOT Virginians off the hook
    who should have voted for Gillespie – TO BLOCK NORTHAM – and did not.

  10. TO grool

    You’re a dyed in the wool nihilist.
    But I give it at least 3 (not 1) years,
    THEN we’ll see if Trump survives.

    The once-traditional “split” Executive/Legislative Branches schtick
    no longer applies to keep things afloat.

  11. “While everything you say is correct,
    it does NOT let the IDIOT Virginians off the hook
    who should have voted for Gillespie – TO BLOCK NORTHAM – and did not.”

    What you say is true. But it’s been proven time and time again, voter enthusiasm is easily extinguished. Gillespie should have gone full on Trump Train. Of course we’re talking about an electorate that just sent a Tranni and a couple Lezbo’s to their state capital. This state sounds worse than Cali. I’m not joking.

  12. TO Bad Brad
    Absolutamente! I’d heard Gillespie was to a degree tepid in his campaigning, and you need that to motivate (most) voters.

    As far as Virginia goes, I think it’s still “purple,” just that the few BLUUUUUUUE counties are reaaaaaly Blue and push the sort of nonsense you mention. So VA is not CA, but maybe a strong “Cup O’ CA” here and there. I had my fill when my vote was stolen in 2008.

  13. Czar

    It seems the Libtard encroachment continues. One of these days Conservatives will need to all relocate in a couple neighboring states and build a damn wall around them.

  14. TO Bad Brad
    Yes, but it would be better to *cough cough* “encourage” Leftists to relocate from purple states back to Blue cesspools.

  15. That was a statement that, if it couldn’t be said before the election, should have been left unsaid afterwards. Or at the very least, have someone else say it. It serves no purpose except to try to make Trump look good, and that’s not gonna fly now. As Meerkat pointed out, it just seems like a dick move by Trump.

  16. “As Meerkat pointed out, it just seems like a dick move by Trump.”

    A Dick move? Maybe. An, I told you so you dumb fuck. Definitely.

  17. Maybe we could get a referendum on the next year’s state ballot for real Virginia to secede from Northern Virginia? To sweeten the deal, we’d be glad to let NoVa claim Charlottesville as a satellite colony.

  18. It would have been tough to win this one in FAIRFAX CO.-run Virginia (D.C. area).

    But, like usual, the squishy Republicans leave votes on the table.

    The LAST Virginia Gov. election, if Republicans got ALL of the Libertarian votes, they would have defeated the democrat. BUUUUUT, they didn’t even bother. –well, do you want to make a coalition and win or not?

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