Trump Gives Mike Pence a Campaign Plane

No government money involved.

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13 Comments on Trump Gives Mike Pence a Campaign Plane

  1. Look! It has MSNBCNNBCBSABC jamming pods, rocket racks and hard points for Bunker Busters! They mean Bidness!!!

  2. Hell…that’s nothing.
    I hear Hillary is reaching into her personal collection and giving Kaine his own broom.

  3. May God keep both Pence and Trump safe.
    Never forget Scalia and the multiple other evil and suspicious events of the last 15 years.

  4. Phenomenal. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Trump pull up to a rally speech in his freaking jet, “Trump” on the side, get out and walk up to the podium. What an epic entrance.

    Presumably now Pence can do the same.

  5. btw there’s no such thing as “government money”
    the political class only generates debt & spends OUR hard earned money withheld from OUR wages

  6. When I lived on a base overseas, I got to see the AF1 planes bringing in the SOS, some members of Congress coming in with the Veep.
    Trump’s is prettier and better built. lol

  7. I think the Biker and massive police presence stopped the BLM protests for the Republicans. But there’s reports on the internet already of a huge BLM presence at the Dem Convention. Wouldn’t that be nice. I hope the place erupts, and it might, especially with all the pissed of Bernie supporters.

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