Trump gutting Meals on Wheels revealed a media lie


Time and The Hill magazines breathlessly reported the Meals on Wheels program has been slashed of all federal funding in the proposed budget on submitted to Congress by President Trump.

As Walter Olson of the none-too-Trump-friendly National Review objectively noted, the rush to judgement against Trump certainly “made for great copy — irresistibly clickable and compulsively shareable.”

Only one problem — none of it’s true.

With a Time headline of “Trump Proposed Budget Eliminates Funds for Meals on Wheels” and The Hill garnering 26,000 shares online from their fake reporting, the Left-leaning media certainly thought they’d snagged the president on a rather large gotchya moment.

As reported;

But it was false. And it wouldn’t have taken long for reporters to find and provide some needed context to the relationship between federal block grant programs, specifically Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), and the popular Meals on Wheels program.

I started on the organization’s own website. From Thursday’s conversation in the press, it was easy to assume that block grant programs — CDBG and similar block grants for community services and social services — are the main source of federal funding for Meals on Wheels. Not so.

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  1. I believe homebound deliveries (aka Meals on Wheels) is funded by CSBG (Community Services Block Grants), not CDBG (Community Development Block Grants).

  2. Welcome to the Noose Media and their disinformation campaign. They badly want to hang Trump with anything they think they can hang on him. I hope they hang themselves instead! This used to be America where the truth mattered and there were consequences for such skullduggery!


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