“Trump Had Longer Lines For the Bathroom Than Beto Had at Entire Rally”

Trump goes to Beto-Country and gets a bigger crowd.

Seen at Beto’s rally were anti-American sentiment, Mexican flags and bands playing in Spanish.

Here are the people waiting to get into the Trump rally, people who support the building of the border security wall.

Seen on car—

Image courtesy of  CzarofFreedom

21 Comments on “Trump Had Longer Lines For the Bathroom Than Beto Had at Entire Rally”

  1. What were they chanting at the very beginning?

    Where is ICE when you need them, I’d bet half of them are illegals.

    Hate to tell them, but when we see them waving their Mexican flags and singing their Spanish songs and jabbering in Spanish it just makes old racists like me want the wall even taller.

  2. Get yourself a real Hispanic candidate you non-english speaking fools. He is not Beto, he is Robert Francis, of Irish decent.
    At one point the chant sounded like “Tacos for mees!”. Which I would pretty much expect. Darn numb-nuts!

  3. “Tacos for mees!”


    It’s always the same old people representing, pussy hats, gay pride flags mingled in with the Mexican flags.

  4. I wouldn’t/couldn’t watch that whole video so I shushed my way through until Beto was speaking….His manner of movement and decorum makes me think he needs to poop….

  5. I’m Texan. I was born in Texas. Parts of my family have been in Texas since the time when Spain owned Texas. That was before the American Revolutionary War. Beto is no Texan.

  6. Oprah magic not strong in Cowboy country.

    I could not even watch the democretin jerk off.

    The dumbs can roll thier money into a giant wad and use it for a suppository.
    1-2-3 SHOVE!!!!

  7. someone on reddit zoomed in on the big screen in the distance behind soy boy. Was it the big outdoor screen for the Trump Rally? I dunno. But it sounds like Trumps trolling.

  8. It’s wonderful the Left doesn’t get President Trump’s popularity. When they try to duplicate his rallies with their unbalanced, twisted, indoctrinated socialist, anti-American tools it reveals the insanity of the Demwits. Renforcing the fact the real “safe space” is supporting conservative policies.

  9. “El Paso was safe before the wall.” I read that Tulsi Gabbard said that also.

    Yeah, they built the wall just for decoration purposes. Roll 👀

  10. http://tinyurl.com/y3jmca8n

    Robert Francis used a baseball field. And the mexi flag waver came…all 150 of them.

    I was there. I was in the overfill crowd. Many left because it got cold when the sun went down. Wind chill it was in the 30s and that is tough when you are wearing shorts and tee shirt.


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