Trump has boxed the leftwing media into a corner…

If the left characterizes this speech at Trump’s first address before congress as anything other than presidential, confidant, competent, powerful, hopeful and heartfelt, then we know we are in the midst of fascist media, a fascist media that peddles FAKE NEWS.

Trump’s speech was magnificent.


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  1. Amen BFH Amen! And if they do smear Trump then it’s war with the MSM from this point on… no quarter asked and none given

  2. Great job. Even his teleprompter skills have become more natural. If he can grow this much as a president in 30 days, imagine what he’ll be like in 8 years. There won’t be a democrat left in the country.

  3. I loved how the Demorats refused to stand.
    Any true American would be proud to hear these words.
    Demirats will go the way of the Whigs.
    Be gone,

  4. Democrat responder, former governor of Kentucky,
    I may be a Democrat, but I am also a proud Republican,…. errr. American.


  5. Inspirational. Forceful. Defiant. Collaborative. American exceptionalism. I have never been prouder to be an American. Thank you Mr. President.

  6. Anyone watching this on TV should tune into Fox Business. Lou Dobbs & Neil Cavuto are hosting. Dobbs has been on the Trump train from the start and understands what it means to be American.

  7. Bravo, Fur! Nail meet hammer.

    The D’s are so shot full of holes they had to have a former KY guv give the D response. Won’t even listen to it.

    And Chris Wallace can go straight to the devil as far as I’m concerned. He wouldn’t know a “president” if he interviewed one. Oh…that’s right, he did interview one. See.

  8. It was a great speech but I do wish he had addressed how he expects to pay for the expenditures. He inherited debts so large and obligations so great that the increased revenue to be expected from high growth fueled by lower taxes is certain to be inadequate.

  9. The Democrat response is basically reiterating the things Trump said. That speech must have been written last month.

  10. Superb, superior, superlative!
    I was so proud to see our elegant America-loving First LADY.

    All those shots of Corey Booker sitting on his butt will be used against him in his next campaign.
    Al Franken looked like the slug he is.
    So many 2 year old ninnies crapping their diapers and carrying on the tantrum.

    Notice how the Demorats scattered like cockroaches when the light comes on.

    That speech was the Demorat death knell.

  11. Impressive and masterful. He’s exceeded all expectations tonight.

    The Dems are now so completely haplesss they are reduced to a Rebuttal from a nobody retired ex-Governor who spoke like he was endorsing Jimmy Carter in 1976.

  12. Donald J. Trump has proven himself to be everything we who followed him and attended the rallies and listened thought he would be. I am thinking he’s gonna be a pretty good PRESIDENT.

    Great speech, suck eggs dimmocrats if you didn’t hear him ask you to help.

  13. For Americans who never heard him the first time, he reiterated:

    “Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People. There is nothing the political establishment will not do, and no lie they will not tell, to hold on to their prestige and power at your expense.
    The Washington establishment, and the financial and media corporations that fund it, exists for only one reason: to protect and enrich itself.”

  14. The thing with President Trump is that he has a learning curve.
    He started out like a garage band that made it big by accident.
    He had to learn to be a candidate in the primary. He started out a loose cannon.
    Then he learned ‘on the job’ and kicked everybody’s ass.
    Then one on one with Hilary he had to learn to become a candidate for President. He started out rough, but learned, and hired the right advisors. Then he kicked that fat bitch’s ass, end over end, right through the goalposts of Loser Town.
    Now he’s learning on the job. He’s rough, but he’s learning. And as is evident, he’s a quick study.
    I love this President. He’s the real deal.
    Tonight’s speech was one for the history books.

  15. It was actually good to see the anti-American hating vermin stay seated. They really showed their true colors of stinking cowardly yellow and Marxist red! Go to hell you pervert loving, degenerate supporting and deviant sucking assholes!

  16. I may in error but were some of the supreme court justices missing? They only gave short glimpses of them and couldn’t get a good look.

  17. Switched over to CNN. Their panel of professional Leftist trolls are almost speechless.
    He’s sucked all the oxygen out of their room.
    The loathesome commie Van Jones, visibly shaken, predicting Trump will “be President for 8 years”.


  18. Chris Wallace nails it (exact quote): “I want to say this right, but I feel like tonight Donald Trump became the President of the United States.”

  19. @XTACSGT – I didn’t notice which supreme court justices attended this particular joint session, but it has long been the practice that at least one of them not attend for continuity of govt reasons.

  20. Many SAD POUTING FACES in the audience. I LOVED IT!

    They have to sit and listen while an ALPHA MALE gets the spotlight. All eyes on Trump losers, you have no choice.

  21. The Justices aren’t required to be there. Thomas wasn’t there. Thomas and Scalia, in the past, said they felt it inappropriate to attend. I think Scalia was blunt in calling it a spectacle.
    I think Roberts may feel the same way but goes so it’s not all liberal justices or all conservative justices.

    RBG certainly jumped and ran at the end. Probably had to get back to her oxygen tank or hang upside down in her closet.

    Thomas wasn’t there. Can’t remember if Alito was there.

    All the dried up haggy saggy baggy wimens were there.

  22. when i try to comment every few seconds, my comment box turns red and whatever i type won’t stick. I have to click in the box to continue. Are you unaware of this?

  23. God forgive me … I did my pertinence & watched CNN for 10 minutes (it was all I could stand while suppressing my gag reflex) … they actually had a 78% approval rating on their poll of the President’s speech

    …ah, the anguish was delicious!

  24. I watched on C-SPAN. No annoying jawing that way. At the end of that magnificent speech, I turned it all off. Whoever gave the rebuttals were among those who did a crappy job running the country in the past eight years — of what value could their opinions possibly be?

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