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Trump Has Broken The Democratic Party

dc whispers

How is it that a major political party that once stood for many things now only represents a party focused entirely on hating President Donald Trump and his tens of millions of supporters?

Democrats are fragmented by anti-Americanism, lies, manipulations, and 24/7 divisiveness. Will it ever recover? A growing number think not. More

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  1. One could argue that Obama broke it. But I’m not because I don’t like arguing about steaming piles of human crap. They are what they are.

  2. I used to think that the only ‘good’ policy that came out of Zero’s administration was that he opened up Cuba.
    But at this point, I think that Zero’s batting average is actually Zero.

  3. Saint Hillary will sweep in and attempt to save the Demonrat party since she controls it anyway, when she crashes and burns again the Demonrats will start a civil war as their last act to stay relevant.

    The draft Hillary movement among desperate lefties has already begun.

    Cisco Kid

  4. The democrats deserve a lot of self credit. It could be argued their self destruction was a huge help producing the Trump presidency. With an assist from McCain & Romney & co.

  5. The stupid Republicans thought they could win with the same playbook, but Trump attracted the ignored and disenfranchised, with union workers, working whites, and police unions.

    That tips the scales towards Republicans, and they couldn’t be more unhappy about it.

    You have to have voters to win dummies.

  6. I believe businessman Donald J. Trump watched the Tea Party from afar and realized that there really were sufficient numbers of Americans who were willing to work, struggle and sometimes fight to take America back from the leftists. He saw the failures of the RINO party in 2012 when he literally GAVE them the obummer illegitimacy on a silver platter and they hid from it. When he sat through that horrible, nasty mocking at the White House correspondent’s dinner he made the decision then to run for President, crash everything and MAGA!


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