Trump hits back at the Anti-American Caucus

[…] For the several days, Nancy and the rest of the Democrat House have been trying desperately to distance themselves from the Anti-American caucus.  And in one tweetstorm, the President draped those haters around Pelosi’s neck like a millstone.

20 Comments on Trump hits back at the Anti-American Caucus

  1. The Sinister Squadron is currently holding a press conference.
    Diaper-head is railing about something at the moment with a broad smile on her jew-hating brother-blowing lips…

  2. What a contrast. The seditious gay Kenyan commie would be cheering on those America hating ingrates.

  3. Watching the squad too. I wonder how many liberal professional speech writers these knuckleheads had to hire to put the words into their America hating mouths. Reminds you of the absurdity of Bagdad Bob. Pisses you off when they accuse Trump of exactly what they do and have the audacity to talk about the Constitution and everything this country stands for.

    They are the biggest damn liars I’ve ever seen!

  4. Trump runs this country like it’s a business, these Fing commies are nothing more than employees that don’t like their job and Trump is saying if you don’t like it quit. Has nothing to do with racism. The racist word is worn out. It’s used for everything a liberal has against anyone that argues with them or they don’t understand something.

  5. Diaper head,failed bartender, impeach MF gal, and other ride along black who refers to our President as occupant, they are 4/435 of the Congress.

  6. A friend said Tucker Carlson referred to them as the “Four Morons of the Democratic Apocalypse.” That’s a good one.


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