Trump Impeachment For Treason Put Off Because It Would Be a “Distraction” Heading Into the Midterms

That’s how serious Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors are. They can be set aside until the left sees how well they do in the midterms. The president is colluding, daily, with Russia, but to confront the traitorous president in any meaningful fashion would “distract” the dems from the more important issue – regaining power.

Russia infiltrating our highest office? It can wait.

When they lose, bigly, that’s when they will save the voters from themselves and restart their impeach chanting.

Speaking of distracting. The bloated gunt was in Central Park, wearing a picnic blanket,

whining about Russia impacting our democracy and keeping her from winning the presidency.

Bernie Sanders was unavailable for comment. But if he wasn’t paid off to shut his bagel hole he would say something like, “hey, you colluded with the DNC to screw me out of any chance of winning the nomination. How are you the victim here, and how is what you did any less egregious than the Russians?”

8 Comments on Trump Impeachment For Treason Put Off Because It Would Be a “Distraction” Heading Into the Midterms

  1. CNN Stelter Skelter Twitter Swelter
    Baguette and Haberman, Final Cuts
    Maggie Haberman: She Needs Twitter to Pull Out

    “They disembarked in ’45
    No one spoke
    No one smiled
    She stands upon a dock
    With kerchief and summer frock
    Knuckles white upon the slippery reins
    She bravely waves goodbye again

  2. Please please please, H-Rod, stop appearing in public wearing garments made of sheer material.

    Better yet, stop appearing in public period.

  3. Despite all the lies, obstructions, fake news and arkancides, they have nothing on President Trump.

    Cankles, on the other hand…

  4. Thus,the most important, urgent emergency crisis and catastrophe ever in the USA is just slightly less important than getting reelected.


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