Trump Implies Senator Murphy Should Be Investigated For Violating Logan Act

12 Comments on Trump Implies Senator Murphy Should Be Investigated For Violating Logan Act

  1. We’ve gotten nothing but talk from Barr and Durham. Nothing! The left still walks free while trump’s people still beg the court for a non max sentence.

    Get Barr out of there and get someone who will do the damn job we elected Trump for.

  2. 3 1/3 years after electing trump and the swamp has not been drained. The left still goes free and the right is still hounded to death. His effort to drain the swamp was either a scam or he’s an utter failure.

    The minute i hear that we need to reelect him to drain the swamp, i’ll decide to stay at home on election day.

  3. The wheels of justice grind slowly. That and there is a lot of political maneuvering going on.

    That being said, I am getting pretty damn impatient by now. Actually my patience has been worn rather thin for a couple years now.

    Don’t discount the FACT that the Republican establishment is absolutely lousy with traitorous, double dealing, backstabbers who would dry shave you in the blink of an eye. Draining the swamp affects their bottom line and they are not going to let that go easily.

  4. Noboby EVER gets charged under the Logan Act. NOBODY.

    …that’s because it would be all Democrats, so racist, or something, whatever, but I’m sure the President SAYING it is an impeachable offense for, reasons…

  5. I don’t think people realize how wide and deep the swamp really is until they look back on it in history. There is still a lot (I think the technical terms are shitload and fukton) left to clean out!

  6. The justice department has been COMPLETELY corrupted, being infested with leftist trash after 8 years of corruption and treason of obama.

  7. “implies” gives me the feeling that our POTUS may have become impeachment shy. Screw the left, if you see something say something. Never let fear get in your way.

  8. “We’ve gotten nothing but talk from Barr and Durham”
    Whatever happened with Trey Gowdy’s investigation into F & F?
    Seems a trend among AG’s to do little while talking much.

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