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Trump impression

This guy nails a lot of the Trump nuance, and the way his mind works when explaining things.

The kid lip-syncing is also very good.

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  1. President Trump would enjoy this and probably commend the kid!
    (wait – is the POTUS still ‘excommunicated’ from the blue bird?)

  2. Awesome impression. The narrative reminds me of the two diametrically opposite personalities of two of my three sons arguing in the back seat about the same nursery rhyme when they were 6 and 5.

    My future cop son (the literalist), “Cows don’t jump over the moon. Dishes can’t run away with spoons.*

    My future architect son (the dreamer) “They can if they want too.”

    Ah, memories…

  3. I used to think President Trump’s delivery needed work. I wouldn’t change a thing now. It’s his brand.

  4. This is great comedy! I forwarded it on to my email buddies. Now someone should do a Humper Biden impression act – crack pipe and all – and add a Chinese prostitute as well.

  5. “…Humper Biden impression act – crack pipe and all – and add a Chinese prostitute as well.”

    A citizen portraying that would be guilty of child pr0n.

  6. Cisco Kid –
    Totally loved the memory of your sons that you shared with all of us. Our kids are grown now and successful also, but childhood memories are just the best! Thanks sharing how the siblings think!

  7. Not to take away from the impersonation (which is spot-on and funny), but “the kid” seems to be the result of a video filter used to make the impersonator’s face appear childlike.


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