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Trump In Drag

It’s not what you think.

Conservative Cowgirl went to the drag races. There was a car called Trump going up against one called Capitol Punishment. (Spelling intentional. Gee, you think these guys are political?)

Click through to see the 1/4 mile race and check out who wins.

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  1. The Trump car crew were very friendly and happy that I was taking photos of their car. 🙂 They had a very nicely printed banner as well with an American Flag eagle image with “Make America great again”. The car also had #NeverHillary on the window.

  2. CC, I thought so. I’ve raced on that strip, watched Hurricane Bob Hannah dice with Marty Smith two time at their Moto X track. And watched Dale Jr suck really bad at the NASCAR road track race they hold there. Good times

  3. @Bad_Brad, I didn’t know you raced! It was great fun being there; we were there to watch a friend race his super comp dragster. I don’t know much about car racing, but it was very entertaining and exciting!

  4. CC, I led a corrupt childhood. I raced Moto Cross until about 21 and after that strip cars. When I turned 50 my wife signed me up for the Petty two day course down in Fontana. Most fun I’ve ever had with my clothes on. If you show up for the NASCAR race there let me know

  5. Refuse/Resist,
    Hey, go back and look at the still frame before they punch off. Notice the bad ass 69 behind the fence.
    I’ll take it.

  6. Bad Brad. Watch the PDRA Pro Mods on in the archives. You can fast forward to the Pro Nitrous and the Pro Extreme classes. 200+ mph in the 1/8 mile! I think you will enjoy it.

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