Trump in Speech – Illegal Aliens Will Be Tossed Out of Here “So Friggin’ Fast”

Yes, he said, “so friggin’ fast.”

Mark my words. This will be a big friggin’ deal in the media.

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  1. Oh my God. Now he’s done for sure…..again. He’s toast…….again. Stick a fork in him, he’s done, I tell you.

    I estimate a jump of three to five points with this dandy.

    I’m waiting for him to say, next time: I’ll have these illegal pricks outta here so friggin fast your head will spin.

    Go Donald Go.

  2. I posted a long interview with Trump (Bill O’Blarney) and he has a lot more to say than that! He even talks about obama “kissing. . .a$$”. The difference between Trump loosing the colorful language and your average pol, is Trump actually means it — it’s not just window dressing. I like it.

  3. Now tearing down Kerry – said he could possibly beat Hillary as worst SOS. Made fun of bicycle accident.
    Now global warming.
    Biggest threat nuclear global warming.

  4. OReilly is talking Trump down with Brit Hume. “He’ll never make it, no way.” On and on and on.

    I’d give my left nut to have Billo, Jonah, National Review, Erickson, and the lot eat crow when this is over.

  5. I use that word friggin all the time. He knows he can’t say “fucking” so he chooses the next best word to describe what he means. His ratings just went up a couple of points, and the media will sit and wonder why.

  6. Ahh, I’m liking the way you’re thinking, Moe. There’s nothing like an Irishman married to an Italian…both parties win!

    I said it here and Tia by one who would listen. If Romney, just once, said about Harry Reid or the people slamming his wife’s horse riding for her MS “If you say that SHIT one more time I’ll break you’re FUCKING SPINE”, he’d be President Romney now.

    Americans aren’t pussies or wilting violets. Fucking nut up if you want the Big Chair!

  7. Yes Chief. If, and that’s a big “IF”, Romney had barked at Cindy Crowley that fateful night and said “Wait a Goddamn minute here, am I debating you too.”? “What the hell’s going on here”? He’d be President today and the world would be a safer place. But he was too much of a gentleman..

  8. at this point I don’t think Trump could drop unless he flip flops.

    If he called it quits and endorsed Cruz then Cruz would take his spot – good chance of it imo.

    He’s got clout and not everyone understands why even today. It’s because of the frustration with politicians, and the fact that the repubs have NOT done what they campaigned to do – stop 0bama.

  9. i meant that it’s a good chance that **IF** trump endorsed someone they would shoot up in the polls.

    Not saying it’s likely IMO that trump WILL call it quits. Just that he has serious clout at this point.

  10. Yes, the concept of “the gentlemen”.

    The “bigger man”.

    The holder of doors ( for lesbos who hate us), the creator of jobs (for employes who despise us), the protector of individual freedom (for hippies and malcontents and fuckwads who’d sooner shit on our car doors and kill a few cops than say “good morning” to us)…


    How long has that idea, that notion, that masturbatory self image held us back?

    We refuse to roll in the mud, and tell ourselves how noble we are, and now our country…

    Our country is nearly GONE!!!

    Well, I for one have FUCKING HAD IT.

    I don’t give two shits who Trump offends or if he thinks Carly has a mug like your shitty ex-wife ( she does, BTW), or that Megyn Kelly is a self-serving size two whoore ( she is)…

    It’s GO TIME in the USA and there will be winners and losers.

    For the love of GOD and SWEET BABY JESUS, let the winners FINALLY be us!!!

    The Founders, wherever they are, are screaming NUT UP YOU SACKLESS SHITSTAINS!!!!

  11. ‘friggin’ post of the friggin’ year!

    “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

  12. And I am raising my glass of Templeton Rye to you sir, as well. Your shit is a riot and after the Bomb we’ll all huddle together and fashion a still. Then…

    We rebuild.

    Liberals will need to RUN!!!!

  13. I hope Trump has several around him, as in 50AE. Somebody’s gonna’ try to stop him because he’s a 360 degree threat to the established elite.

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