Trump Is Amnestying 192 New Illegals per Day. When will the administration act?

Center for Immigration Studies

But issuing new work permits to illegals who don’t have them already makes no sense at all, either from a P.R. perspective or politically. My speculation is that the White House has no idea what to do about DACA and so is just letting it continue on autopilot – amnestying 192 new illegals a day.

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  1. I voted for DJT to stop freebies to illegal invaders, force E-Verify, begin arresting POLs for violating immigration laws in sanctuary cities and so did millions of others. On this issue he has been very disappointing. If he loses us, he is toast.

  2. There is a new attack on Trump every damn day to distract him from the job. If you want to blame somebody, blame the propaganda media, pussies in the congress and the crooked courts.
    He has been rebuffed at every turn.

  3. I respect Krikorian’s background and knowledge, so it’s hard to understand — if his numbers are real and he hasn’t extrapolated them in order to support his argument — why Trump would allow this. OTOH, Krikorian doesn’t write about any of the legislative or legal road blocks which may be tying Trump’s hands on some of the categories of DACA.

    All I know is Trump didn’t recite The Snake and make it a centerpiece of his campaign or tell us they (illegals) were getting “the hell out!” just so he could be President.

  4. Boarder crossing is down 67%. They turn away the one they find crossing. They have been rounding up criminal illegals and deporting them. Currently there are sections of the wall under construction. He’s been in office less than 6 months. I think IOTW runs stories like this just to get a head count of the Cruz Fanatics that are still here.

  5. The whole DACA thing is a bit of a paradox. I’ve met illegals in their mid-20s who have been living in America since they were small children. They don’t even speak proper Spanish anymore, so I have a hard time saying we *must* send them back to a place where they’d be as foreign as I would be. Perhaps granting them a one-time shot at becoming temporary legal residents, (NOT Citizenship!), to give them a chance to get their lives in order to follow the pathway to legal status that’s already in place isn’t a bad idea. Those who have been quietly working and staying out of trouble are the sort of people we *want* to come to America, anyway.
    First, let’s worry about getting rid of the illegals who are criminals and gang members, drug dealers, etc., then we can figure out what to do with the rest of them.

  6. Stoobie,

    I hear you and honestly never thought about that first part before. But a middle school teacher tells me they have trouble getting U.S. born Mexican kids to stand for the Pledge. The reason is, despite knowing they reap infinitely more benefits here than they would in Mexico, these kids do not believe this is their country (yet)…or perhaps more correctly, they don’t feel need to view themselves as U.S. citizens except when it comes time to be politically active. The rest of the time, white folks can go to hell because they really consider themselves one hundred percent Mexican and white folks are adversaries.

    Either way, it doesn’t bode well for the future.

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