Trump Jokes That He Looked Into Reversing the Obama Turkey Pardons – Humorless Left Goes Berserk

Trump knows how to troll. He is the master, and I get a kick out of every one of them.

25 Comments on Trump Jokes That He Looked Into Reversing the Obama Turkey Pardons – Humorless Left Goes Berserk

  1. Pardon for the turkey, WE INSIST! Joe Arpaio, not so much.
    Apparently the president also made a statement on his way to Marine One in support of Judge Roy. That oughta finish them off.

  2. Moe Tom. I think that’s where this is headed also. The press is gonna keep badgering him to comment on each & every allegation.
    Wish Trump would fire back & ask them for their comments on their colleagues that are piling up.

  3. @barky

    Reminds me of Rocky One, when Rocky was introducing his turtles to ADRIAN. These are my turtles. Cuff and Link. Although Obama’s pardonees were Tater and Tot.

  4. HA! That was funny. Of course he had to say something about that. If he didn’t some lefty would have anyway. “I’m shocked he didn’t reverse 0bama’s pardons on the turkeys”
    Such uptight buttholes.

  5. Just don’t pardon any of the Turkeys that committed all those crimes during the last administration. From the IRS scandals to everything Clinton. The people need justice and protection.

  6. Tom. I agree. I hope they give him some freedom. But it is difficult, being who he is. A target for the weirdos of the world. I’ll bet he would love to get out, climb a tree, take a hike in the woods with some friends, kick a ball, get in a scuffle, get a black eye, give a black eye; talk about adventure, about girls, about fishing and hunting; about getting a Red Ryder rifle for Christmas, and shooting the shit out of the watermelons in the WH garden,(if they’re still there). I do not envy the young man. I hope his Mom and Dad realize he needs freedom.

  7. The leftard media will be spitting tofu turkey across their dinner tables this Thanksgiving in outrage. President Trump just won’t submit to their twisted attacks. Love the way Trump never stops stomping on the left’s agenda, every chance he gets.

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