Wanna know what draws the Trump Derangement Syndrome out of even the most laid-back leftists?

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  1. I tell my regressive coworkers all the time, why do you let somebody live rent free in your head 24/7? One retorted, “Well you didn’t like Obama”. I said yeah I didn’t like him. I also didn’t rant about him 24/7 like you do about Trump, thus the difference.

  2. I have a baseball cap with a subdued Trump Tower logo on it which I’ve taken to wearing. It’s gotten a few chuckles.
    It’s a dangerous tragedy that wearing a MAGA hat makes you a target of violence and discrimination.
    This is not going to end well.

  3. @Birdie Num Num January 19, 2019 at 3:18 pm

    > This is not going to end well.

    Oh, it’ll end well. If it gets started. But that? Ooh, look! A new exploratory committee! I’m Constitutionally required to go back to napping. Ta-ta.

  4. I’ve been stamping $20s for a while now.
    Gave 4 of them as stocking stuffers a year ago to the other half of family in Cali.
    They reported to me this Christmas they don’t use the stamp. Something about not wanting confrontation when trying to spend the money. Pussies.
    Additionally, you can write/stamp “Hillary does NOT live here.”

  5. I was in the gym last night and one of my lifting pals and I were laughing our asses off bout Trump canceling Pelosi’s world wide tour right before her group was suppose to board and a woman, whom was wearing a Nasty Woman shirt a couple days ago, decided to interject herself into our conversation. She just got started on the “Do you realize that asshole in the white House jeopardized the Speakers”. She got about that far when my buddy and I simultaneously asked her If anybody was talking to her? She sulked away. We were not polite. I think the take away from that little ordeal is a lot of us do not want to debate with them anymore. Just go away.


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