Trump Loses Senate Vote To Repeal Obama-Era Methane Rule Thanks To McCain

DC: The Senate could not muster the votes Wednesday to overturn an Obama-era regulation on methane emissions from oil and gas drilling operations on federal lands.

The Senate voted 51 to 49 in favor of the Interior Department rule, with Arizona Republican John McCain surprisingly casting the deciding vote to support the Obama administration regulation.

If McCain had voted to ax the methane rule, the Senate would have been deadlocked and Vice President Mike Pence would have been able to cast a tie-breaking vote.

House lawmakers passed a Congressional Review Act (CRA) bill to repeal the methane rule in February. President Donald Trump was expected to sign the measure if it had passed the Senate.  read more

SNIP: Now why would McCain do that? Was it a petty passive aggressive act because Trump fired Comey? Or does McCain still have a bromance with 0bama?

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  1. Condoleezza Rice said today on the view the Trump is an eye for an eye type of guy. I hope so. Mcshitstain will be blind.

  2. I wonder if his family has a power of attorney to put his lame ass in a locked facility so he can’t do any harm to himself or AMERICA?

  3. God, what an asshole McVain is. Methane is the power source of the future, and here’s why:

    1. It’s the cheapest Kw/hr energy source there is, and it can work 24/7.

    2. There’s good evidence that it’s not a fossil fuel but a deep earth hydrocarbon. The proof? Saturn’s moon Titan. It literally has oceans of methane on it. There is no fucking way all that methane came from dead plant and animal matter because Titan exists at really near absolute zero (-290 degrees F) in temperature.

    3. The methane came from processes going on inside the moon’s core, processes just like the Earth’s mantel.

    That means that methane is likely abiotic and likely a well stocked energy source that could last for 1,000s of years, if not more. The climate cult wants to shut down methane not to save the planet, but to save their portfolios and tax bases because fully exploiting methane energy would make energy extremely cheap, and bureaucrats, robber barons, and central bankers never want cheap abundant energy for the little people because then they can’t control them.

  4. Lance, I’ve read similar accounts. I’m going with it. The same can be said about all petroleum sources.

  5. McCain is nostalgic for the methane he sniffed as he snuggled up obama’s anus.

    McCain should lurk no more in the people’s Senate.

  6. Fantasy: McCain clenches his rotting teeth so hard they break off and he aspirates them, asphyxiating himself while surrounded by friends and family all smiling and applauding and refusing to perform the Heimlich on him.

  7. What I don’t understand is why can’t President Trump just issue an executive order to overturn the Interior Department rule? Was it an Obama era rule created by legislation or by the Interior Department personnel?

  8. @Lance Boile: You are correct. Science already can determine organic (biotic) methane versus abiotic methane by Carbon 14 isotope levels which are only present in biotic methane.

  9. Sure would be a real shame if McCain didn’t wake up from a gas leak at his residence.

  10. No matter the personal embarrassment, McCain will take the opposition stand on issues to show he’s still relevant. But he’s only relevant when he sides with Schumer’s progressive/socialist/communists to thwart Pres. Trump.

    “IF” McCONnell has any, I do mean “any”, stones, McCain, Graham and Collins would be appointed to insignificant, do nothing committee in a junior positions. Take away the podium and microphone.

    Like in Unions, longevity (Seniority) may give you protection, but it doesn’t mean you can do the job or be trusted with a leadership role.

    McConnell, grow a pair and fulfill the leadership role you have been entrusted with. Waiting.

  11. He believes in global warming. I was listening to an interview when he was running for President. The host asked him about global warming and McCain gave a lecture on its dangers. I remember that the host said “you don’t mean that.” It was a great moment of radio and it pissed me off permanently against McCain. This vote should surprise no one.

  12. Just do what the commie’s like McStain and Pelousy do. Keep bringing it up for vote until it’s finally passed. Or ram it through on a party line vote at midnight on Christmas Eve.

  13. McCain is just doing what his Menshevik masters tell him.
    He’s a stooge. He doesn’t appear to have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot.
    Arizona should be ashamed – but they seem to be oblivious.
    Interior Department is an Executive Agency. There should be some way to change the rule without Senate interference. They (the Agencies) have no problem promoting their Globaloney Bullshit Agenda, otherwise – with or without the Senate’s consent – see EPA, for example – or IRS.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Funny how McLame and Sanders both display their bottom teeth, but seldom the top ones, kinda like a nutcracker – one wonders if they are biological as well as ideological twins…

  15. McCain is probably losing support and friendship from fellow republicans over his actions in the past few years. Don’t be surprised to see him leave the GOP and sit as an independent within a year. He won’t be running for Senate on his next election date so he can afford not to hide his backstabbing, vengeance driven, lying, guttersniping, vain and all around horrible personality anymore.

  16. He has anger issues; at his age he could stroke out. Let’s all say a prayer for John’s potential stroke.

  17. Besides being a RepubliCant weasel, McCain is jealous of Trump and wants to school him on Congressional bureaucratic stonewalling. Mr. Trump is way ahead of McCain and will eventually get the methane bill passed.

  18. He’s pizzed he & wifey were served only 1 scoop of ice cream after dinner at the WH a couple of weeks ago. Bet he was the ‘source’ for CNN of this im-peach-able act against Trump.

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