Trump: Mainstream Media ‘Have Gone Bonkers and No Longer Care What Is Right or Wrong’

Epoch Times:

President Donald Trump issued sharp criticism of mainstream media outlets on July 22, accusing the Washington Post of making up sources for one of its stories about him.

The Post—which was bought by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in 2013 for $250 million, and which openly opposes Trump—published an articleabout some of Trump’s recent spat with some Democratic Congresswomen, inserting opinion into the headline by calling the attacks “racist.” One line, in particular, stuck out to Trump.

“The Amazon Washington Post front-page story yesterday was total Fake News,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “They said ‘Advisors wrote new talking points and handed him reams of opposition research on the four Congresswomen.’ Now really, does that sound like me?”

“What advisors, there were no talking points except for those stated by me, & ‘reams of paper’ were never given to me. It is a made-up story meant to demean & belittle. The Post had no sources,” Trump added.

The president then noted that the Congresswomen—Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), who many media outlets have taken pains to support—have made a number of inflammatory comments about Israel and America.

“The facts remain the same, that we have 4 Radical Left Congresswomen who have said very bad things about Israel & our Country!” Trump wrote. more here

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  1. Come on, they never cared about anything but the swamp/left/islamic axis agenda. They’re just getting more desperate.

  2. Bonkers? He said BONKERS?!!

    Who the eff uses that word anymore??? And? I.LOVE.IT.

    Half of the twits and twats on Twitter will now have to look up the meaning!

    For those that use Twatter please tell the POTUS to PLEASE run with The Bonkers Media.

  3. @ghost of brig gen j glover – I’ve used “bonkers” but my favorite is an old British-ism that H-Rod brought back to mind in 2016:
    “Just listen to her! She’s barking mad!

  4. @ Uncle Al – I would go further than just the Twatters, how about publications such as the NYT’s and the WaPO, the journos’ over there will be looking it up as well.

    I am convinced this is why the NYT’s and other publications are so left and ignorant is because the staff must be recent grads from coveted places like Columbia only a couple miles north of 42nd st where the Times ‘whores’ itself away across from the Port Authority BUS Terminal.

    No person of any common sense and and American life appreciating experience will publish what they do.

    Thanks for the hit.

  5. The MSM’s claim to compete with each other to be the most honest, factual, fair, and objective. What they’re really doing is seeing who can get away with the most deception.

  6. And @Joe6pak the left is only interested in DIVIDING the American Conservative family. This is KEY for them.

  7. I’m not sure who the BLM rep was in that, but he seemed reasonable. I could see President Trump inviting someone like him to the White House, or to a real Trump rally, and making a good show of it. Maybe even show that video so people understand how he got there. Trump is a uniter, and I think it could be worth considering to bring in someone that would initially be viewed as controversial.

  8. The big question is why. Why must they bring this guy down? His policies are center right, Vlad the Impaler he’s not.
    What did Mr. Trump do that turned weak livered journalists into howling banshees willing to completely cast aside any semblance of fair and reasonable coverage? What threat does he pose to upper middle class students to make them turn from people into mobs that fling urine from the safety of the pack?
    The question I pose is what overarching cabal turns the screws behind the curtain. Who signs Soros’ paychecks?
    They’re out there, they command the networks to act in concert, they pull long strings, and folks like myself are whom they want to eradicate from the world

  9. Lazlo, I’m thinking he is the greatest threat to the status quo they ever imagined. If someone brings the swamp down a lot of media and academia goes with it. The black hats have been working on this for a hundred years. I sure would like to be a fly on the wall in a lot of different meeting rooms.

  10. Skolnick is not around any more, but the political and media scum are still attacking the American people. And alternative media reporters are still active in resistance, reporting truth that many do not want to know.

    Overthrow Of The
    American Republic – Part 69
    Secrets Of The Monopoly Press
    By Sherman H. Skolnick
    “The primary enemies of the Aristocracy are the American common people. To combat opponents, various weapons are used. Some are simply military. Others are a combination of geopolitical and psychological.”

    “The Anglo-American Aristocracy, a long historical creation, has their warehouse of weaponry, that is, their methods and secrets.
    [1] The print and electronic media are adjuncts of the Espionage Establishment, A sizeable contingent of those in the press corps have a background in the secret political police, the American CIA and covert operations of Military Intelligence. Psychology and what common folk would call simply trickery are part of the pen-guns.
    As a political activist I was one of the first, in the 1960s, to dare speak out, as best I could, about this. Together with associates, I uncovered facts tending to show that key media personnel were simply a front for spies.”

    “[2] The monopoly press has a long, historical past that key positions, particularly in radio and television, can be purchased. So, on occasion, the secret political police bought or arranged media employment for their spies.

    Particularly rewarded with highly lucrative media positions were those who somehow got into a place or situation where they covered up a political assassination.

    A few examples. Dan Rather on November 22, 1963, was in Dallas, Dealey Plaza, stationed under the triple overpass bridge. He was right near one of the snipers that killed President John F. Kennedy. The shooter used a storm sewer up on the railroad embankment right near Rather. BLATHER as he is called ended up becoming a CBS anchor face on occasion doing whitewashes of political assassinations.”
    [Archived history ]

  11. News sources cater to the easily manipulated, uninformed and misinformed out there and always have. They’ve created the conditions that have caused us to enter into wars and then placed blame on others for entering those wars. They foster destructive cultural trends and exaggerate events to create animosity among the citizenry.
    There are a few very evil scum at the controls of these organizations who’s whims foul the culture.
    They are the enemy of a free people!


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