‘Trump Makes Me Feel Tainted as a Human Being’


NEW YORK (AP) — Patti Smith’s long, slender fingers trembled just thinking about being a writer during the presidency of Donald Trump.

“I don’t know how people are even able to contain themselves and contain their rage,” Smith said, “I always felt, even if I didn’t agree with whomever was our president, I felt that I could still walk tall wherever I want. I still was myself. But there’s something about this current administration where I feel tainted as a human being.”

On Monday night at the Whitney Museum in Manhattan, Smith and Salman Rushdie commiserated about Trump and otherwise compared notes on everything from the writing process to their favorite painters. They were guests at the annual “Chairman’s Evening” hosted by the MacDowell artist colony and were interviewed by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and MacDowell chairman Michael Chabon. MacDowell has a long history of bringing artists together and previous Chairman’s Evening pairings have included Martin Scorsese with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Stephen Sondheim with Paul Simon.

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42 Comments on ‘Trump Makes Me Feel Tainted as a Human Being’

  1. So what did Donald Trump do to Patti? How has her life changed as a result of the Trump Presidency? Has Trump impacted her ability to continue with her work? Did Trump prevent her from performing? Has Trump imprisoned any her family or friends? Has Trump taken away any of Patti’s rights?

    Smith and Rushdie are modern day liberals, who have no truck with any type of liberty. They want to butt into people’s lives and force their political world views on people who don’t agree with them. If any American exercises any freedom, people like Smith and Rushdie want to stamp it out. If people love America or think the United States is the greatest nation in the world, they want to silence these folks.

    So, Patti Smith, stay the fuck out of my life with your ignorant and stupid politics. Your joy stops at my rights and liberties.

  2. The best schadenfreude moment with her is that cussing Trump is the only thing that’s making her relevant now. So she should be thanking Trump.

  3. If she lifted her hat would the hair come with it?

    These libs freaking out about the country/world being ruined with Trump had no clue or care what the righties felt over 8 long ugly years of Obama.

  4. First off you spelled Obama wrong.
    It should say: ‘Obama Makes Me Feel Tainted as a Human Being
    So when you read Trump; in your mind correct it to Obama

  5. There, there, dear, drink the nice hemlock. It will go down smooth, ease your fevered mind, and put you out of our misery. President Trump will be the last thing on your mind (literally) as you drift off into eternal sleep.

  6. There should be some kind of city ordinance that when ever he/she/it goes outside, it has to wear a 50 pound flour sack over the area above the shoulders with her site eyeholes cut in it!

  7. “And I can’t let this guy (Trump), and what they’re doing, keep me from my inalienable right to do my work, to have some kind of joy in life,” she said.

    Why does a ‘reporter’ let her get away with such an ignorant “profound statement’, explain just exactly what rights has he denied you?

    I hope she blew the reporter cause she sure owes him.

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