Trump, Master Troller, Announces He Will Be LIVE TWEETING the first Democrat Debate!

All we’ve heard about is the acumen of the left on social media. from Obama to AOC, the right is supposed to take a back seat to the modern left.

Trump says, “you’re kidding, no?”

He will be live tweeting their debate, which means their debates will all be about HIM, not them.

Talk about “foreign interference” in an election!!!

He’s got your interference right here.


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23 Comments on Trump, Master Troller, Announces He Will Be LIVE TWEETING the first Democrat Debate!

  1. I love “Da Nang Dick” – This is something which Adrian Cronaur (sp?), the Robin Williams character in “Good Morning Viet Nam” would have come up with.

  2. Now that’s some funny shit right there. He just told them that he is going to put a turd in their punch bowl and gave them a week to worry themselves sick about it.

  3. They’ll be so preoccupied worrying about what they say knowing Trump with skewer their every word that they’ll fumble every response even worse than usual. And of course knowing he’s listening they’ll be over the top with insults and accusations which will really sour the public.
    This is more of the Trump genius digging deep under their skin. The more they try to defend themselves the more flummoxed they become.

  4. POTUS Trump embodies the very spirit of Andrew Breitbart. They share the love of the sport. Not many can claim that.

    Jordan Peterson was telling a story to illustrate the differences between those who are “agreeable” and “conscientious” versus those who are “disagreeable” and (I can’t remember the other thing). He has a good friend who goes in and does company restructuring which involves a fair amount of firing and laying people off. Peterson asked the guy how he “handles it”, how he deals with the emotional fallout for himself. His friend sneered back, “I don’t handle it, I enjoy it.”

  5. Can’t wait! I won’t be watching the debate, just reading President Trump’s responses and snark will be all I need! 😀

  6. When I first read this, I thought it was a joke…
    …OH YES, HE *WOULD* !!!
    God bless our Troll In Chief !!!

  7. I can summarize the debates already.

    “I’m going to give you more free stuff, that someone else has to pay for, than the others”.

  8. The tweets will be ignored by the MSM.
    If it were the other way around, the tweets would take center stage!

  9. I’m hoping one of you twitter users sets up here on iotwr and keeps me amused.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  10. Miss the Demoncrat Debates? Are you kidding me!? No way, especially since the master political strategist, President Trump will be playing mind games with the hapless competition.

    Watching Democrat presidential candidates aka clowns tumble out of their Prius, then tripping each other on the way to the podiums to babble socialist doctrine will be too entertaining ignore.

  11. I dunno, 99th, could be dangerous for one’s health to watch. What if my eyes got stuck after rolling them for the 99th time?


  12. Can’t a federal judge block this assault on our democracy? Demand equal time to rebut Trump’s tweets!

  13. Mystery Science Theater 3000, 2 decades later and still much more informative and enjoyable than the alphabet MSM evening news,,
    Tips hat Bob M!

  14. LOLOL! Dadof4. There’s some real truth in what you speak. I just can’t resist knowing during the so called debates, the Demwit presidential candidates’ Trump Derangement Syndrome will be on full display. For me, that will be fun to watch – at least for a while.


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