Trump Names Advisory Team

Everyone should read this. 

ht/ PT

8 Comments on Trump Names Advisory Team

  1. That list should deflect some criticism of his somewhat zany thoughts on foreign policy. Question is, will he really listen to them? Let’s hope so.

  2. Our enormous debt is a security risk, I’m glad someone is calling attention to how it has hollowed out this nation and potentially causing a collapse if we get involved in a war and haven’t addressed this weakness.

    I won’t hold my breath to hear from the Democrats on this.

  3. Well now we have our investments list for if Trump manages to get elected. I think we all know what companies will be making at least a few bucks off government contracts. Nah, that would never happen.

  4. Oh good. CAIR despises Walid Phares and that’s an excellent endorsement. I’m saving that article for future reference.

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