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Trump offered to buy Hillary’s election night fireworks

AM: Donald Trump offered to buy Hillary Clinton’s well-publicized election night fireworks display in New York City after it was revealed her campaign cancelled the order.

Clinton sought clearance from the city to moor a barge in the Hudson River and shoot off fireworks to celebrate what she thought was her impending victory in the presidential race.

But the New York Post reported the day before the election that her campaign cancelled the plan.

Tonight, Trump revealed to a crowd in Grand Rapids, Michigan that his campaign offered to buy the scrapped display — at a 95 percent discount.  more

8 Comments on Trump offered to buy Hillary’s election night fireworks

  1. That’s as cold as bringing Barky’s brother and the Clinton chicks to the debate.
    I love El Trumpo.

  2. I hope it was true.

    When I heard her campaign cancelled the display I knew Trump would win. The HRC campaign knew the real poll numbers, but still held hope for a miracle.

  3. Now that’s chutzpah !!

    Way to go, Mr. President Elect.

  4. She should have booked a firing squad instead. Being shot on live TV would have made her very popular indeed!

  5. I only wish he’d followed through and got ’em bought…woulda been spectacular!

  6. Trump never misses a trick, or an opportunity. I wonder if he can make the same 5 cents on the dollar deal on our $20 trillion national debt?

  7. There’s still the inauguration to be held. They may come around yet.


  8. President® Donald J. Trump®

    Inauguration Gala Fireworks Display

    Corporate Sponsorship b(u)y:

    Clinton Foundation ®TRUSTme®
    ©2016 Hillary for America

    We thank them for the
    following kind donations:

    Pyrotechnic Shells

    Fire Protection Services
    (10,000 55 Gallon Drums of Tears)

    *Please note
    **no tax write-offs this time around

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