Trump on Pelosi: ‘I Think She’s Incompetent, Actually’

Breitbart: Tuesday in an interview that aired on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” President Donald Trump reacted to comments from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi over the weekend saying his administration has “done nothing.”

Trump called Pelosi “incompetent” and pointed to the current state of the Democratic Party as evidence.

“Well, I’ve been watching Nancy’s statements, and I think she’s incompetent, actually,” Trump said. “You know if you look at what’s going on with the Democrats and the party, it’s getting smaller and smaller. You know, in a certain way I hate to see it because I like a two-party system. And we’re soon going to have a one-party system. I actually think a two-party system is healthy and good. But she’s done a terrible job.”

“I don’t think she’s a good spokesman,” he added. “She’s certainly wrong. There are those who say I’ve done more than anybody in a hundred days.”  MORE [Video]


18 Comments on Trump on Pelosi: ‘I Think She’s Incompetent, Actually’

  1. The question is what Dem is competent? The DNC Chair race put on full display how unqualified, anti-semitic, racist and inarticulate their candidates are and how hypocritical they are as a party. If we had an unbiased media they’d be laughed out of town on a daily basis.

  2. “Incompetent”? Mr. President, for fuck sake, She’s a fooken eegit.
    Don’t be nice to these to these assholes.

  3. And we’re soon going to have a one-party system.

    Troll Level set to 11. Flawless trolling.

    I can almost hear ‘the media’ screaming and gnashing their teeth over this one sentence alone. I need to buy more popcorn.

  4. Nancy Pelosi has actually been a boon to me in discussions with my progressive friends. They liked to make fun of Sarah Palin (including trotting out the “I can see Russia from my house” Tina Fey line – but hey, they are progressives), so I tracked down just a fraction of the stupid stuff Pelosi has said over the past 10 years. No more Palin talk.

    Pelosi generally plays to her San Francisco constituents, who are rather dense in the first place. But this only works in San Francisco, and on the national stage this exposes Pelosi as brainless. Just because someone has been in Congress a long time doesn’t mean that they have acquired any intelligence.

  5. President Trump really IS a kind man.
    He is much more circumspect than I could be – particularly vis-a-vis Nancy Pelosi.
    He really is a gentle-man.

    izlamo delenda est …


    THINK! Do you want a YOUNG, energetic go-getter in the position, or some 78 year old bench-warmer making silly speeches about nothing?

    REMEMBER WAYNE FONTES? The bumbling coach of the Detroit Lions? NO ONE wanted him to get fired because he was a gift to the NFC Central and the conference. Barry Sanders left, Barry Sanders right, Barry Sanders up the middle. –That’s it, everyone was sad a stupid/incompetent coach would be replaced by someone better.

  7. every time I see that cringe-worthy pic of Pelosi, her plastic-surgeoned SaranWrap skin reminds me of the actress Katherine Helmond in Terry Gilliam’s movie Brazil, where she has facial treatments with SaranWrap.

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