Trump, Pelosi Agree to Up Spending and Debt

Daily Signal:

When President Donald Trump begrudgingly signed a budget deal he called “ridiculous” in order to get increases for the military budget, he asserted: “I’m not going to do it again.” 

That was 16 months ago. 

Now, the Trump administration and House Democrats reportedly have reached a deal to suspend the debt limit temporarily and increase spending by more than $300 billion with only limited cuts.

Around 5:45 p.m. in Washington, the president tweeted:

I am pleased to announce that a deal has been struck with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – on a two-year Budget and Debt Ceiling, with no poison pills….

“This was a real compromise in order to give another big victory to our Great Military and Vets!” Trump added on Twitter.

The president is again touting military funding. 

“I think we’re doing pretty well on a budget,” Trump had told reporters earlier Monday in the Oval Office. “It’s very important we take care of our military. Our military was depleted and in the last two and a half years we’ve undepleted it, to put it mildly. We have made it stronger than ever before.”

Trump wanted a total of $750 billion for the military, but is getting $738 billion, nominally higher than Democrats’ counterproposal of $733 billion. It’s a $22 billion increase from the current fiscal year. 

The two-year deal’s reported outline would also combine a temporary suspension of the debt limit through July 31, 2021, with raising the spending caps in the Budget Control Act for fiscal years 2020 and 2021. That means the federal government would have no limit on how much it can borrow. 


23 Comments on Trump, Pelosi Agree to Up Spending and Debt

  1. The ONLY thing good about this is that it takes funding the government off the table for the 2020 election season.

  2. … any $$$ for a wall?

    didn’t think so … just more debt for the dwindling American taxpayer to cover

  3. Donald I am this far from staying home next election –…Build the wall or get the budget under control!

  4. I remain patient and hopeful. What do i have left? Long game. Politics is tricky business. Uglier than your ugly sister.

  5. This is a major disappointment. There is much that I like a lot about President Trump, but his lack of fiscal awareness and restraint sure as hell isn’t one of them.

  6. Don’t give up the ship, Meerkat. It’s not time to bail just yet.
    And the alternatives are nothing short of horrifying.

    Hang in brother.

  7. don’t get me wrong … still in Trump’s camp & this is not a deal-breaker, just a bit of a kick in the shorts.
    I understand that PDT has an election to win & hoping & praying that he unleashes the Hounds of Hell when he wins re-election & has nothing to lose

  8. Let me ask all here what would all do? The house sets the spending limits,who had control of the last house and they did nothing to help him set future spending, they could have cut deep into the budget but they did not,now he has to play the game on their rules.
    We know that he plays inside of the law and he will not step out side of it. He is not obama, who broke the law every chance he could.
    Again I ask what would you do?
    His hands are tied. Thanks Paul and Mitch.

  9. Meerkat and Al tell me how he could have played it different, he has to play with Nancy.
    And yes, I am not happy.
    I know lets vote in Cruz that will help.

  10. Sounds like POTUS might have swallowed too much swamp water whilst attempting to drain that sucker.

    Ya think?


  11. The wealthy will go hide behind their high walls and security guards when the economy comes tumbling down from the enormous weight of the $$trillions of unpayable US debt.

    Stockpiling Food in the Great Depression
    “If you like to eat, you better save some [food],” was the advice of one Thelma May Beets in a front page story titled “Depression Lessons Last for a Lifetime,” in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times.
    The 91 year-old widow, who’d come of age during the Great Depression, was doing her weekly inventory of food she stocks in a chest by her bed.

    “A 5-percent increase in median income could hardly be the catalyst for what appeared to be a vast explosion of wealth. This incongruity of supposed wealth in the appearance of massive consumption verses individual incomes brought us to the logical question…
    Where was all the money coming from?
    By now you know, as well as we know, it was all an illusion of wealth made possible by an ever expanding bubble of debt.
    And by the law of must and shall: What must happen; shall happen.
    In other words, something had to give…and inevitably it did.
    So now that this debt bubble’s burst, and we’re now in the early days of the Great Depression II, the government desperately attempting to pump it back up. That’s what these bailouts and stimulus bills are all about…pumping the system full of more debt.
    But as we’ll soon discover, you can’t solve a problem that was created by too much debt…by piling on more debt. The futility is painfully obvious.
    Yet the blockheads in D.C. go about it like zealot donkeys…they pile on more and more debt with the pathological stubbornness of jack and jenny asses.”

  12. Drastically cutting Federal spending to pay off the debt will result in brutal consequences for our economy. Not as bad as bankruptcy, but VERY painful. The MSM is our enemy. The MSM will blame our economic collapse on Republicans. A no-win situation no matter who is the President. The Education racket will never be honest. Kids will be indoctrinated into blaming the Republicans. A no win situation. President Trump and his team know this. They also know it’s only a matter of time before we have to face our economic collapse. Both parties are angling to make sure the other party is in power when we collapse. Both parties know the MSM is going to blame Republicans, teachers will back up the MSM. NONE of them will tell about our debt DOUBLING on the seditious gay Kenyan commie’s watch

  13. You can’t create money in our fiat system without first borrowing it into existence. Until that changes nothing will change.

  14. This is the only answer until after 2020 (we’ll have more ‘flexibility’).

    This removes the issue of entitlements till after 2020, and it funds the military completely. (Remember: obama and pelosi decimate our military. Completely. They emascualated it. Trump is on a 911 mission to built it back. He’s 3/4 of the way there. Even if obama did not destroy the military, he was seen as a joke by our enemies.)

  15. If a collapse does occur I hope the so called leaders responsible for this are dragged into the streets and torn apart by angry crowds.
    It would almost be worth the suffering to see that.

  16. Money isn’t real anyway.
    It’s an imaginary construct concocted by the “man” to oppress people … uh … persons of color.

    So, we got $22 Trillion in debt – and $220 Trillion in unfunded liabilities.
    Only differs by a zero – and a zero is nothing, right?

    Just close your eyes and wish real hard.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. I guess when you and your family have stolen more money than you could ever spend, things like “efficiency” “economy” or stewardship” in terms of the taxpayers contributions doen’tt even enter the picture.

  18. Geoff C. The Saltine

    As Iv said here many times the last 6 years. Paul is, and always has been, a Rove/Obama Republican!
    As it seems he has admitted lately – he never tried to help Don! Obama/Rove Republicans hate Don!


    I was a Truefel Hundt when I killed Chinamen for JFK 52 years ago! As was a few years later a kid whos books i’ve read Jimmy Webb; I would have voted for Jimm but I live in the West.


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