Trump places order for comfortable beds for detained children and the left is against it

Trump ordered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of beds for children to be used for detainment centers, and Wayfair employees are planning a walkout because the CEO didn’t block the sale after they complained.

No matter what Trump does the left is against it. He should say he’s going to adopt this platform for 2020 —>

The left will be against it.

The CEO should replace all of the employees who walk out with the guys who stand outside home depot in the morning.

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  1. You’re not the only one extremely disgusted, tonight, Mr. Hat. I’ve been pissed-off at the news all damn day. Work pretty much non-stop, take a break, check the news. Feel like I need to puke. Go back to work.

  2. Groucho may have written this song for the A-hole democrats

    I don’t know what Trump has to say
    It makes no difference anyway
    Whatever it is, I’m against it
    No matter what it is or who commenced it
    I’m against it

    Your proposition may be good
    But let’s have one thing understood:
    Whatever it is, I’m against it
    And even when you’ve changed it or condensed it
    I’m against it

    I’m opposed to it
    On general principles, I’m opposed to it

  3. Christ, you young lads need to relax with like…..I dunno’, maybe a Popsicle.

    Those always cheer me right up.

    Grumpy bastards….mutter mutter mutterr

  4. Don’t make me grumpy. You won’t like when I’m grumpy, Super.

    (Besides, I’m one of the oooooold ones.)

  5. Well I read the “letter” that the supposed disgruntled employee wrote and 547 of his co-workers signed, and I call FOUL. These are warehouse workers and the letter sounds like/probably was, written by a lawyer or a consultant. I’m sorry, but an ordinary working Joe doesn’t write or express themselves in the way this letter was composed.

    This stunt has Soros written all over it. The letter and the funding of the workers who “signed” it and are prepared to walk out, are being paid for and by Soros and his evil cult.

  6. I guess what these employees want is for all these illegal aliens to come into the country and offer to work for less money than the employees are making, pushing the employees out of their jobs. I am sure they will be happy tthen.

  7. This is Democrats in a nutshell.

    The cause of the problem and against the solution.

    Kids don’t have toothbrushes!

    Ok, send them some toothbrushes.

    Boycott the company that sends them toothbrushes!

  8. We’ve lost our way of life. We need to face it.

    We’re now in a battle to avoid being enslaved.

  9. Some paid dem activist group is stirring the pot at Wayfair.
    They always accuse Trump of creating a crisis but the truth is when he tries to solve and help a situation they run in and stop it and then point the finger. Same thing in Puerto Rico after the hurricane when they refused to distribute supplies and said Trump was not helping. When are voters going to hold dems accountable for their heinous acts and actual lack of compassion?

  10. From what I’ve seen of the Wayfair ads on TV most of what they sell looks like cheap junk. But then again I don’t buy stuff that’s advertised on TV. Maybe I’m too skeptical because of all the lousy infomercials and MR. popeil garbage that huckster try to sell us and tell us it’s the latest greatest thing to have. My computer is having computer farts that won’t allow me to edit it correctly.


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