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Trump Plays Press Like Chumps

The national press showed up at Trump’s new international hotel in downtown D.C.  thinking they were going to be able to perpetuate the “birther” meme they rolled out last week to try to save Hillary.  What they got was a one minute press conference that let all the steam out of their made up controversy and a tour of Trump’s new 5 star hotel.

CBS’s Major Garrett was left sputtering in anger while the major networks banned together and refused to run footage of the guided tour because the designated pool producer wasn’t allowed to go along.

Watch Major Garrett Here

Network boycott Here

12 Comments on Trump Plays Press Like Chumps

  1. Trump is playing 3D chess with Mr. Spock and the pressitutes are still arguing over who gets crowned king in checkers.

  2. I’ve got a hunch that Trump has built one hell of a private residence there, and he and family will have a place to land while the White House is being gutted to the frame and refurbished.

  3. Trump skillfully keeps pied pipering the ratty leftist media. The fools continue to swim back to shore, only to be lead back into the drink again and again. It’s popcorn moments like these that make life fun.

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