Trump Pledges To Send Up To 15,000 Troops To The Southern Border To Control Wave Of Migrants – IOTW Report

Trump Pledges To Send Up To 15,000 Troops To The Southern Border To Control Wave Of Migrants


Daily Caller: President Donald Trump amped up calls to send active duty military to the border as a crowd of thousands of Central American migrants make their way to the U.S., promising Wednesday that he’d send up to 15,000 troops instead of the 5,000 that military officials were prepared to send Monday.

Trump doubled down on his promises to keep the migrants, most of whom are coming from Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua, out of the country as he talked to reporters Wednesday before heading to a rally in Florida.

“We’re going to be prepared. They are not coming into our country,” Trump said, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The president announced he’d send “anywhere between 10 and 15,000 military personnel” to the southern border, a declaration that WSJ reported caught a few Pentagon officials off guard.  more here

15 Comments on Trump Pledges To Send Up To 15,000 Troops To The Southern Border To Control Wave Of Migrants

  1. Is Trump able to call this an invasion on his own authority as the chief executive?

    Asking because the loon progressive commentator I heard briefly on the way home pointed out that the law says active-duty soldiers cannot be used for law enforcement, and could only be used for logistical support to law enforcement (which would be completely pointless given the size of the invasion…L.E. can’t possibly handle it alone).

    If that’s true about the law, and I believe that it may be, that means the Left will be trying to characterize this entirely as a matter for law enforcement to make Trump appear lawless and to stop anything he tries.

    So what exactly are his constitutional options here? What is the POTUS authorized to do that would prevent any injunctions or lawsuits (you know they’re ready to go) from stopping it cold, and would make a difference?

  2. I believe the Nat’l Guard can function as LE.

    The military will be used for logistics and support. Along with helicopters and support crews, etc.

    I could be wrong

  3. So I guess the question really is, how many border patrol or other enforcement agents could be mobilized.

  4. We had troops guarding the Southern border during the Mexican Revolutions of the early 20th Century. Camp Furlong in Columbus, NM comes to mind, but there were other outposts. What was their Legal Status then compared to now ?

  5. The zombie minded left will have to dream up and trial balloon some/any complaint, because that’s all they do, 24/7. They have no other life, function or actual contribution to any problem real or perceived.

  6. “…anywhere between 10 and 15,000 military personnel” to the southern border, a declaration that WSJ reported caught a few Pentagon officials off guard…”

    Wake the f–k up and smell the perfume, princes…and princesses. You’re caught off guard by everything. Do your cushy jobs and start mobilizing.

  7. Grool, all the usual lefties are busy now explaining exactly what the military can and can’t do. But they’re also explaining that the mob is really much smaller than portrayed, is half women and children, and won’t be here for weeks. So I don’t put much stock in their explainos.

    They’re all obsessed with the guns and shooting, and completely ignore the fact that Trump is sending builders, not bullets, to the border. Razor wire reinforcement and high-capacity temporary holding centers, built by combat engineers, is not the jujitsu the journos and the journeyers expected.

    And one more thing: Ever notice how our troops, when deployed on a mission, seem to stay on that deployment for a really long time? Permanent border garrisons are the left’s worst nightmare, and it’s happening because they they triggered it with a stupid, destructive political stunt. Well done, leftards.

  8. Didn’t President Eisenhower send the 101st Airborne to Alabama to enforce school integration with the complete approval of the liberals?

  9. Without a “Shoot to Kill” order or a “Free Fire Zone” declared it just endangers our troops and becomes some weird show.

    And we ALL know that ain’t gonna happen.
    Americans (unlike the Armies around the World) don’t kill the unarmed.

    Don’t pull a weapon unless you intend to use it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Call them what they are – INVADERS! They are not “migrants.”

  11. Just wondering if the left leaves their doors and gates open on their own homes at all times?
    You know just in case a poor south of the border family wanted a better life?

  12. Finally. The left have completely lost their minds about this. Granted, it wasn’t a big step, but they’ve gone completely batshit. Some idiot actually said “they aren’t his toy soldiers to play with” (she’s unfamiliar with the term Commander in Chief), and asked if anyone has asked what Mexico thinks about us stopping the “migrants” at their border. I told her 1. Mexico could and should have stopped them at their southern border, and 2. Mexicans can also keep their own citizens until they can come legally. And not one liberal knows people can apply for asylum at any US embassy anywhere, including their home countries, or that one use of the military is to defend our own country.

    My new policy on leftists is mock and block, period.

    Never have so many shrieked so loudly about things they have no knowledge of.

  13. All he has to do is frame it as national security – not law enforcement. He has the power to call out the military for national security.


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