Trump Pole Vaults

It’s a humorous clip, but I can’t help but think that the Dems Poll Vaulted, and now they occupy the white house.

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  1. I agree with BFH. And while these things are mildly entertaining it’s a distraction from reality. And the reality is every one that voted for Trump was disenfranchised and the one single thing that has historically made our Republic far superior to any other form of Government was just pissed on all over. The sanctity of our vote. And everyone rolled over and let them get away with it.

  2. I’m tired of politics tonight so I’m making a strong margarita and temporarily suspending my NBC/Olympics embargo to watch women’s beach volleyball on CNBC.
    Spain vs Canada.
    If you can catch it, the Swiss vs Swiss earlier today was quite a game in so many ways…

    You’re welcome

  3. Loco, it’s your fault my DVR has been recording non stop for the past few days after mentioning canada v swiss beach vball. I set it to record all olympics on all channels on 3 tuners so I can’t miss any of the action. esp the slow motion shots.

  4. ecp, I have watched women’s beach VB in every Olympics since their inclusion.
    Women’s indoor VB is pretty awesome too.
    Imagine staying in their hotel, it would be land of the Amazon Women.
    Nothing beats fit, athletic women as far as I’m concerned.
    That said, I noticed a 300 pounder on the USA Women’s water polo team.
    She was wearing a one-piece thank God!

  5. PHenry
    I haven’t watched the Olympics, but admire the U.S. pole vaulter Sam Kendricks (US Army Reserve) for his actions.

    It gives me faith that what is askew can be up righted.

    Thanks PHenry

  6. There is nobody at the White House but a few military. Joe Biden has never set foot in it as President. His White House is on movie lots in CA and GA. Watch the WH live cam and every night at 11 sharp, the lights go out and the WH is left completely dark except for a couple of inside lights.

  7. Women’s beach handball or water polo beats volleyball hands down, nicer, plumper, rounder behinds, but define fit, athletic women.

    There was a girl on the US water polo team 6′ 2″ and 229 pounds, and a little scrawny, even at that. Skinny will never beat buxom.

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