Trump, Pompeo Trash John Kerry on Iran Talks

How is John Kerry not in serious violation of the Logan Act that prohibits private citizens from conducting foreign policy? If AG Jeff Sessions was a competent attorney general, maybe some laws would get enforced. But, we have a pick and choose legal system. Ask Robert Mueller.    – More at The Last Tradition.

14 Comments on Trump, Pompeo Trash John Kerry on Iran Talks

  1. Kerry showed the world he was a traitor when he met with the North Vietnamese while in the American Military. Nothing has changed ! Make hanging traitors great again !

  2. Kerry has made a political career out of undermining and betraying US policy and laws. Not to mention corruption, another area he has excelled.

    Remember the establishment protects their own, law or no law.

  3. Could someone pls explain what Sessions is doing any differently were he still a senator?

    Congress (theoretically) makes laws. The Executive branch via DOJ (theoretically) enforces laws.
    And that’s the universe in which we find ourselves. Theoretic: the subject or area of study rather than its practical application.

  4. It seems like it was a few months ago that Kerry was busted at a Paris cafe with some Iranian honchos, and everybody yelled about it for a minute, then it all disappeared. Now Kerry is back in the news for doing it again? Or is this just the previous story being re-reported as new? So many times, you look at the date on a Hot New Story, and it’s actually months old.

  5. He should have gone to prisonin the 70’s for coluding with the North Vietnamese. Does the Logan act simply not apply to this creatine?

  6. Jeff Sessions seems to be doing a lot of things well. Just not anything in the top 10 priority list, which sits piled high in the middle of the garden. A high mound of road apples round which Jeff only plants pots of flowers, and trims the hedge so he can ignore it’s existence. John ‘when I was in Vietnam’ Kerry is a horse’s ass that drops more apples onto the pile.

  7. Loco — Are you serious or trolling? ‘Cause I’ve never seen an elected or official gov’t title after Trump Jr.’s name. Additionally, Jr. wasn’t meeting with the Russian in order to negotiate, advise or otherwise interfere with a U.S. treaty, agreement or anything else. He thought he might be getting opposition info on the clinton campaign.

    There’s no comparison to kerry-heinz.

  8. obama, kerry, jarrett, the rest of them are operating as though they never left office and that is what they are trying to convince their globalist counterparts of, too. They don’t care if there was an election or a change of U.S. presidents. Theresa May did the same thing with Brexit. They really think it does not matter. It’s a hostile takeover, a coup, whatever else you want to call it.

  9. Any ideas of who POTUS Trump will be replacing Sessions with after the mid-terms? Is it possible he’ll rotate Pomeo out of State and into Justice?

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