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Trump Presidency Reaped Dividends On the First Day


By putting a freeze on implementing new regulations on day one, President Trump saved the citizens of this nation $181 billion in compliance cost.


Who needs a stimulus when the executive branch can simply lift the regulatory burden and free private citizens to pursue happiness without an overly burdensome government on their back.



12 Comments on Trump Presidency Reaped Dividends On the First Day

  1. This is getting bad we all this people I’m boycotting every single one of this socialist communist

  2. The left better be careful what they wish for. Anything happens to Trump and leftist traitors will have to run for the exits. They do not want to start a war they cannot win. If they think Trump is doing a bad job, perhaps they should relocate to Cuba.

  3. Excellent move to Cuba Venezuela North Korea or Somalia Kenya

  4. Judgeroybean I still worried this is a everyday stuff and spring and summer are around the corner

  5. And I predict that your business tanks within 100 days…and I don’t apologize.

  6. At every turn, every day, in every way, President Trump is marginalizing the MSM and liberals. Soon they will be as insignificant as what’s left of the democRat party.

  7. …..and THAT, idiot liberal democrats, is how we “pay for tax cuts”, as you always put it.

    Now refute it. You can’t. Because you’re inept, panty-waisted, victim creators and exploiters. And that’s ALL you ever were.

    Trump is taking the regulatory shackles off the American Dream, and for the 2nd time in my life I get to see what a decent president can do.

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