Trump Rally – Rio Rancho, NM

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  1. This man is incredible. Hopefully America will never need another President like him. Hopefully America will never need to be pulled back from the brink again like this man has done.

  2. You’re right anonymous. He needs to be burning like a Sherman through the California leftist plantations, too. I’m sure he’ll be dropping in as needed, and then some.

  3. Our only chance,even if he is a
    terrible “racist”.WTF does that even
    mean anymore ?????????????????????

  4. @joe — Speaking of more of us than they think: I’ll be talking with you and Mrs. Always Right in a few weeks. We’re getting the band back together soon and need you! 🙂

  5. Yep. Anonymous, you are right he had a great crowd in Redding last time he was there. He would pull in even more this time, hope he comes close to you.
    All the best to you B.C.

  6. Back at you Geoff C.
    The place for Trump to hold the ultimate rally is the old ARCO ARena. 2 miles from Sac International (what a joke). He’ll pull patriot from Fresno to the Oregon Border. It would be NUTS. NUTS I say. And more Mexicans than white. They dig him in NorCal where we work for a living.

  7. Yup, a rally in California would be a good in your face jesture. It’ would give a little hope to the beleaguered patriots there that feel forgotten. Let them know help is on the way!


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