Trump responds to Trudeau’s mocking

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  1. What a poncy ass that guy is. So fun to see him in a gaggle, talking like a girl. “Oh, did you see what he’s wearing?! Oh. Em. Gee!!”

  2. Who was filming? They act like stereotypical middle / high school individuals of the female persuasion. And really Anne. That ‘do’ isn’t going to hide you. You’ve got a Franco-midget, Bleached Blonde Bloated Brit, a pm whose name should be R-U-T, and a Canadian pm who still enjoys skipping (thank you Rickles)

  3. Trump was late because he had work to do.
    Since Justine’s responsibilities are limited to combing his hair and avoiding self-humiliation. He can be present when called, useless twit that he is…

  4. Margaret Jr. is the ass clown sitting in the back of the room that thinks everything he does is sooooo cute. When it’s time to work, you will always find this turd in the bathroom.


    “Angry people who behave with almost exaggerated calm and courtesy might nevertheless express their anger through passive means, that is, through (conscious or unconscious) resistance to meeting the reasonable expectations of others. Examples of passive-aggressive behavior include creating doubt and confusion; forgetting or omitting significant facts or items; withdrawing; . . . shifting blame; and, of course, being late—often on a frequent and unpredictable basis…”

  6. Geezuz, five more years of this asshole and I don’t know if the country can take it. The Conservative Party still can’t grasp that the leader they had was ineffectual and are sending surveys out to members to determine why we lost and not one question is about leadership. Trudeau will rule as a puppet with Singh’s (leader of the leftwing NDP) fist so far up his ass that when Trudeau talks you’ll be able to count Singh’s fingers. We are so fucked.

  7. Sissy boy is quite the bigshot when he has a few like minded jerkoff’s like him to chat with. Usually at these big meetings he’s walking around awkwardly looking for someone willing to talk to him {which is seldom}. The last event he was following Trump around like a lost puppy. What an foppish twerp.

  8. Trudeau thinks he’s important
    he is unimportant by himself
    He only becomes important when
    he ” sides ” with the USA

    He loses all importance when he
    abandons the USA

    He is so stupid he doesn’t know that.

    Bye, Bye

    Troody baby

  9. Who was filming?
    I don’t know but you can bet the farm prissy knew exactly where the camera was at all times. Notice how he was faced directly in front of it so the public could look on in awe at the Canadian statesman with his sippy cup.

  10. Trudeau is a TWO FACED PIECE OF SHIT!

    I THANK GOD that PRESIDENT TRUMP is Calling it like it is, as the CBC and the rest of Canada’s Media is not!

  11. I commented on the channel that had the “leaders” laughing at Trump that they just miss Obama’s world famous blow jobs.

  12. End NATO now.

    It’s time to stop defending countries who don’t like us but love our military and checkbook.

    And that’s pretty much all of them.

    We can have our healthcare if we stop defending the world from the evil russia. that they all keep doing business with anyway… while calling it evil…


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